Full Name
Mats Nilsson
Job Title
Director, Ericsson Group Function Technology - Office of the CTO
Speaker Bio
Mr Nilsson focus area today is on product and technology leadership issues for the Cyber Security area within the Ericsson Group. In addition to this he is also working on the broader aspects of Networks of the future, the role of 5G and Digital Transformation of cities, industries etc..

Having over 30 years of experience in the front line of mobile communications developments Mr Nilsson qualifies as an “industry veteran” being engaged in all the leading steps from the globalization of digital mobile telephony to the introduction of mobile broadband infrastructure technologies and devices, now further on to the 5G era with connected devices and industrial processes, in addition to the enhancements of mobile broadband.

Key focus in most of his career on standards and industry processes in major regions and the global perspective. Known as “One of the fathers of 3G”, from his engagement in the policy, regulatory, research, technology and standardization process leading to 3G.

Previously Vice President and head of technology strategy and standards for Ericsson Group and in this capacity driving Eriksson’s global standardization machinery as well as all its external industry engagements for more than a decade (1993-2004).

Mr. Nilsson also served as CEO of OMTP ltd in 2005, an operator led industry initiative driving requirement and technologies for advanced mobile platforms, facilitating what is today established as the Smartphone revolution.

Adding the crucial policy and regulatory angle Mr. Nilsson brings from his Brussels experience as Vice President and Head of Ericsson’s European Affairs during 2008-2011.

During the last years his engagement in Cybersecurity both internally in Ericsson setting up strategies for the area as well as externally through various industry organizations and engagements with industry and policy. E.g. initiated the Security Assurance standards for mobile networks in 3GPP, now known as the SECAM/NESAS standards and engaged and influencing EU policy on cybersecurity.

Furthermore, Mr Nilsson have held leading management positions in Sales, R&D and product management, e.g. as Head of Portfolio Management and Terminals for Multimedia, Technical Manager and Key Account Manager for Ericsson Japan.

Another early achievement in the security and identity management arena was from being one of the fathers of the Swedish Mobile Bank ID solution, that is now a must have for all Swedish citizens supporting a vast array of services both e-government, financial commercial and entertainment type of services.
Mats Nilsson