Full Name
Carla Arend
Job Title
Lead Analyst Cloud Research Europe
Speaker Bio
Carla Arend is a senior program director with the European software and infrastructure research team and heads up IDC’s European cloud research. Arend provides industry clients with key insight into market dynamics, vendor activities, and end- user adoption trends in the European cloud market. As part of her research, she covers topics such as how European organizations are adopting cloud, how cloud drivers and inhibitors are evolving, cloud management, cloud security, data management in the cloud, IoT and cloud, AI and cloud, Devops and cloud, as well as GDPR impact on cloud and cloud code of conduct.
In addition to syndicated research, Carla has worked on many custom consulting projects identifying opportunities in the European cloud market and has authored white papers on subjects such as cloud
management, cloud security, data management in the cloud. Carla is regularly asked to speak at industry events, strategy workshops, sales kick-offs and training, partner events, and end-user events.
Carla holds a BA in business administration from University of Mannheim and an MSc in business administration and management of technology from Copenhagen Business School, in addition to course work at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok.
Carla Arend