Full Name
Dr. Hernan Londono
Job Title
Associate VP & CTO Information Technology Division of Strategic Initiatives & Digital Strategies
Barry University
Speaker Bio
Dr.Hernan Londono is an incredibly dynamic and resourceful Information Technology executive and Cybersecurity professional with over 2 decades of experience. Over this 20 plus years in the field, Dr. Hernan has led operations and strategy in different segments of IT, with major emphasis over the past 10 years holding a combined role as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer.
His experience spans over industries such as Higher Education and Healthcare, this experience has resulted not only on a long tenure in his current position, but it has also allowed him to serve in other capacities such as chairing Boards of Directors of charitable organizations, as well as being an advisor for Silicon Valley cybersecurity startup companies and local IT/Cybersecurity services companies.
In addition to the IT/Cybersecurity practitioner side, Dr.Hernan is also a writer and public speaker, having articles published in several IT and Cybersecurity trade magazines as well as having spoken at many national conferences on topics ranging from disruptive thinking to countering industry related crises, to stopping network cyberattacks, crossing through ways to leveraging integrations to foster a digital transformation culture.
Dr. Hernan Londono