How CISOs and Security Teams Remain Relevant in a Digital-First World
Thursday, August 26, 2021
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM (SGT)

Building business resilience and mitigating risks is the #2 busines priority of organizations in Asia Pacific, after cost reduction. After a challenged 2020 where working from home brought with it a new range of security risks and business challenges, 2021 has brought with it fresh supply chain and ransomware attacks of a newer, higher and more worrying magnitude.

While the top challenge for security leaders remain focused on finding staff with the necessary skills to mitigate today’s security challenges, business leaders are trying to understand the return on investments and the immediate value of IT security. The jarring gap between both groups needs to be bridged before the business is compromised.

In this session, IDC’s Vice President of Security, Simon Piff will speak on why the move from tactics to strategy is more important today than ever before. Security leaders will also be able to learn and hear from our speaker on:

  • A model that helps IT security professionals connect with business leaders
  • How to discuss the ideal strategies that suit future-proofing the IT security environment
  • How CISO's and IT security leaders can close the gap between the current attitude to IT security that business leaders exhibit, to the one that suits all parties, customers and partners.