Friday, March 8, 2024
11:00 AM - 1:00 PM (EST)
Cybersecurity for Safe, Reliable, Secure Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Convergence is blurring the lines between IT and OT, creating an opportunity to improve the visibility, control, and situational awareness necessary for critical systems. Failure to take the wide range of security issues into account when converging these two very different networks and networking philosophies can result in catastrophic network failures that risk critical systems and the life and well-being of workers and communities.  

In this workshop, participants learn about the Fortinet Security Fabric, the first ever architectural security approach designed to dynamically adapt to unique needs of legacy OT environments while enabling the move toward modernizing these critical systems. Leveraging the Purdue Model for the security layers needed in OT, the multi-layered approach provided by the Security Fabric provides broad, integrated, and automated protection against sophisticated threats. 

Participants who attend this workshop will learn how to:  

  • Introduce the OT business drivers and security priorities  
  • Understand the differences between IT and OT, and the importance of actively securing OT environments 
  • Leverage the Purdue Model to support the needs of an OT environment  
  • Apply the Security Fabric to secure OT  
  • Expand the Security Fabric and enhance the value of Fabric-ready partners