Full Name
Marty Rickard
Job Title
Senior Customer Success Advisor
Nozomi Networks
Speaker Bio
Marty Rickard comes from a very small group of highly experienced OT engineers who have chosen to cross over into security. Marty’s career started out with computer and electronics engineering training, before undertaking an apprenticeship as an industrial electrician. It was through this work that he found his place designing, installing and maintaining what we now refer to as Operational Technology systems. Across 20 years in the OT industry, Marty has worked in food and beverage, dairy, power generation, timber processing, pulp and paper, and chemical processing plants. Having spent a few years in the IT field as a field service engineer and software developer, the cross over to security was an easy choice.

Marty has completed SANS ICS 410 and ICS 515 training, CISSP training and has been a Nozomi Certified Engineer since 2018.
Marty Rickard