The Future of Security for Industry 4.0
9:30 AM - 9:55 AM (SGT)
Stephanie Krishnan

As companies move towards Industry 4.0, the need for data to support decisions, drive operational efficiency, improve product quality and optimize operations is more critical than ever. Manufacturers have long used process control data to control operational technology equipment on the shop floor. However, recently manufacturers have experienced extreme data growth with the accelerated adoption of technologies such as IoT sensors, robotics, edge devices, video, simulation, and digital twins. However, there is a cost to this level of automation and connectivity.

Recent years have seen a shift in the industry environment, with cyberattacks targeting operational technologies in manufacturing and industrial settings. Due to the interconnectedness of physical infrastructure with IT, this has created new cybersecurity risks, impacting organizations financially, affecting employee safety, and potentially with environmental consequences. Yet, according to IDC's 2021 manufacturing insights survey, 76% of Asia/Pacific manufacturers are not expecting to invest in OT security over the next two years. In addition, OT security is more than a technology challenge. Organizations need to acknowledge that the potential security perils are as much about human threats as technological. As a result, companies will need to leverage IT and operational expertise to address security, business, and operational requirements.

This session will cover:

  • IDC's future predictions for security in the Industry 4.0 era
  • Industry 4.0, operational connectivity, IT and OT security trends in industrial operations in Asia/Pacific  
  • Challenges, practices, use cases, and IDC guidance for building cybersecurity resilience across industrial organizations