Global Best Practices for Securing OT Infrastructure
9:30 AM - 9:50 AM (SGT)
Willi Nelson

The increased connectivity of OT systems to the outside world has led to a surge in cyber-attacks across the globe last year.  Today, meters, gauges, sensors and control systems from multiple vendors coexist and are all connected to the network, increasing process efficiency and expanding the attack surface.   Staying ahead of evolving cyber threats is paramount for an organization’s success.   CISOs at top industrial organizations often prioritize cybersecurity as an critical component to their digital transformation plans.  During this brief, we will explore best practices pursued by global organizations to reduce cyber risks and improve operational efficiencies including

• Informing decisions with proactive threat intelligence to stay ahead of potential threats
• Establishing network controls to enforce policies for users, devices and applications using segmentation and micro segmentation
• Reducing organization risk with layered defense