Channel: Creating a Comprehensive Security Fabric

22nd February at 11:00 - 16:00 GMT

Join our Security Engineers for this in person event where they will demonstrate:  How to reduce complexity, simplify your operations, and enhance your security effectiveness!

About this workshop:

Today’s new world of networking requires a new approach to security that can do the following: simply, yet intelligently, secure the entire infrastructure; deliver full visibility into every viable network segment and the devices and endpoints behind them; and seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions, enabling users to ubiquitously collect, share, and correlate threat intelligence.

In this workshop, participants learn about the Fortinet Security Fabric, the first ever architectural security approach designed to dynamically adapt to today’s evolving IT infrastructure. This multilayered approach provides broad, integrated, and automated protection against sophisticated threats.

Participants who attend this workshop will learn how to:

  • Introduce the Fortinet Security Fabric and the main business drivers

  • Detail specific components that make up the Security Fabric

  • Build a comprehensive solution to prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents using the broad, integrated, and automated approach

Please note:  All attendees will have an opportunity to experience hands-on labs therefore you will require your laptop.
Lunch and Refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Fortinet London Office