The Opportunity of Change

AI - Enabler or Disruptor

In today’s world, change is a given, and companies need to comply with ‘Regulations’ such as ‘NIS2’, DORA’,….  But opportunity, and value, can come from change and the resulting disruption.  

In cybersecurity, the biggest disruption is coming from the promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  But to quote Roy Amara, scientist, futurist and President of the Institute of the Future, “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.”

Regardless of where the value of AI in cybersecurity eventually shows itself, organizations need to break free from the status quo and re-examine the effectiveness of their current cybersecurity strategy against an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape. Can AI support organizations in the journey to comply to regulations? 

Fortinet Security Day 2024 will explore the changes impacting organizations of all sizes, together with the key trends and technologies that can minimize disruption and deliver value.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and discuss these matters and more with peers and Fortinet executives and subject matter experts.

Wednesday, June 19th

11:30 - 19:00

Royal Museum for Central Africa

Leuvensesteenweg 13
3080 Tervuren

Featured Speakers

Agenda of the Day

Time Name Speakers Description
11:30 AMWelcome & Lunch 
1:30 PMIntroduction

Brief intro on how Fortinet's vision and mission defined in 2000 is more relevant today than ever. How Fortinet took the right steps to support organizations, small and large, in simplifying their journey towards complying to regulations (NIS2, DORA,…) while increasing the level of their cybersecurity.

1:45 PMArtificial Intelligence, a new technology that will require us to focus on the basics

Artificial intelligence is here to stay and it will be used in tools that enhance cybersecurity, in tools used by threat actors and in tools used in every companies daily operations. Can AI support organizations in new risk management, incident reporting along with stricter enforcement measures defined by the NIS2 Directive? In this talk we will discuss each of the axes to overlook new possibilities and threats.

2:15 PMVoice of the Customer 1

A selected Fortinet customer will share mainly on his SOC challenges and eventual externalization. What is his approach ? What are the benefits ?

2:30 PMVoice of the Customer 2

A selected Fortinet customer will share mainly on their OT challenges but also their experiences and insights on adapting to the new world approach to cybersecurity. 

2:45 PMVoice of the Customer 3

A selected Fortinet customer will share mainly on their challenges but also their experiences and insights on adapting to the new world approach to cybersecurity, reflecting the need to increase agility and resilience to manage external threats whilst being ready to support continuous business innovation.

3:00 PMThe Fortinet Platform Journey

To stay relevant, security technology must evolve, whether driven by vendor innovation or the threat landscape.  But the time has come for the technology collective to evolve from a collection of individual technologies to an integrated and consolidated platform for greater efficacy, increased protection, and automated operations.

3:30 PMCoffee Break 
4:00 PMThe Role of AI in Cybersecurity

As a concept Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than 70 years old, but the more recent explosion of interest in AI was triggered with the introduction of ChatGPT.  Amid the hype, claims, and counterclaims, the real value of AI – as a productivity tool - was lost.  This session will look at the role that AI plays in cybersecurity and how Fortinet, an AI pioneer, has been and will continue to leverage its capabilities for faster and better threat detection and response. Isn’t that an important part of what the EU NIS2 directives is all about, enhancing Cybersecurity across the industry?

4:30 PMAI revolution

The developments around AI are happening at breakneck speed. The next step, generative AI, is going through organisations like a shockwave, with major consequences for jobs, departments, organisations, and even entire sectors. It all started with ChatGPT and Copilot, but what will be the next step and how do you prepare for it? 

5:15 PMWrap-up 
5:30 PMNetworking drink 
7:00 PMEnd of the event 

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