In today's fast-paced business landscape, the cloud has become the catalyst for transformation. Organizations worldwide are harnessing its potential to scale effortlessly, accelerate time-to-market, enhance customer responsiveness, and streamline costs. Yet, embracing the cloud entails one crucial aspect that can't be overlooked—security.

Join Fortinet’s Cloud Security Summit, where experts will discuss:

  • Cloud Security Best Practices: seamlessly integrate with all major public cloud providers, guaranteeing a consistent and robust security posture across multi-cloud environments.
  • Privacy and Performance: strike the perfect balance between privacy and performance, allowing you to capitalize on cloud scalability, metering, and rapid time-to-market advantages without compromising data security.
  • Managing Cloud Costs: maintain agility and maximize security for your cloud deployments while optimizing your cloud investment

Embrace your future of secure and seamless cloud computing. Register today and embark on your journey towards a safer, more agile, and cost-effective cloud experience. 


Frank Dickson
Group Vice President, Security & Trust


All sessions below are shown in ET time. 


Organizations driving towards digital acceleration are deploying their applications wherever it best suits the demands of their business and their customers. As a result, their applications can now live anywhere from on-premises at data centers, across hybrid and multi-clouds, and edge compute. This creates complexity, loss of visibility, and increase risks for security teams who are often challenged with lack of adequate resource and/or cybersecurity skills for cloud. Fortinet CloudSec Fabric solves for many of these challenges through delivering consistent security, centralized management and visibility, and cloud-native integrations. Join us to hear more about Fortinet’s approach to helping organizations better secure their application journey on any cloud.



The promise of the cloud was supposed to be easy and simple; infrastructure was someone else’s concern after all. However, that is not our reality. The digitization of business, the speed of technological advances, and the escalating number and sophistication of cyberattacks have led to IT complexity and a never-ending race to defend our enterprises. Frank will discuss the current state of complexity in the cloud, the need to secure it, and key strategies to accelerate digital transformation through better security outcomes.



Most of the cloud providers offer an easy button for secure networking in the cloud. However, the easy solution is not necessarily the best one.

This session will discuss the challenges of securing the cloud. Key characteristics of cloud firewalls, both virtual machines and firewalls-as-a-service (FWaaS), will be discussed along with the larger question of what to look for in a security partner.

We will dicuss:

  • The challenges of cloud security
  • Key elements to consider while choosing a cloud network security solution
  • Pitfalls to be avoided

All attendees will be invited to a free trial of of Fortinet's cloud firewall solutions.



Overcomplexity, budget constraints, you name it – all drive security folks to consolidate point solutions and having a more efficient, easy-to-manage, security posture. Protecting data and applications are an essential pillar of the security strategy and require a WAF, protecting APIs, and managing bot traffic. At scale, and across environments. In this session, we will present how Fortinet partners with organizations to deliver a consolidated application security fabric (OPTIONAL: and introduce the new bot management solution to block automated threats)



By 2025, more than 95% of new digital workloads will be on cloud-native platforms, vital for organizations' digital strategies.  While cloud platforms offer advantages like flexibility and scalability, they also introduce complexity in securing these environments.  In doing so, many organizations still struggle with blind spots, workload sprawl, insufficient security coverage and data overload.  Security teams need solutions that can address the dynamic nature of the cloud, are easy to deploy and manage, and can seamlessly integrate into their existing infrastructure and provide comprehensive visibility to manage and protect their cloud workloads.  

This session will help the audience understand how cloud-native platforms are different and the challenges in securing cloud environments.  

We will cover: 

  • Some of the common, but overlooked risks that can impact their network
  • Elements to consider to properly secure their cloud applications and networks
  • How Fortinet simplifies cloud risk with cloud-native solutions that empower impactful security choices, proactively manage risk, and maximize security investments for greater transformation and benefits.



Digital acceleration is a journey of continual evolution and transformation for organizations. Needs and requirements change over time as organizations adapt their environments and deployments to meet new demands and address emerging challenges along their journey. To secure such dynamic environments, organizations must consider their investment strategies alongside product decisions to ensure that they can keep pace with their digital acceleration while balancing and optimizing their investment outcomes. 

This session will help the audience understand key considerations for managing digital acceleration costs, particularly for those across their cloud journeys.

We’ll discuss:

  • When to choose usage-based licensing over traditional term-based licenses
  • Key things to look for when considering usage-based licensing approaches for security solutions
  • How Fortinet empowers organizations to readily secure their digital acceleration journeys from multi- and hybrid clouds to hybrid mesh firewall (HMF) deployments through FortiFlex – Fortinet’s flexible, usage-based licensing program



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