Empowering Security Operations Leveraging SOAR
Date & Time
Thursday, August 25, 2022, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

To address the constantly evolving threat landscape, the complexity of security products, and the scarcity of cyber security skills/staff, organizations must be able to aggregate and enrich alerts from a wide range of security products. In addition, they need to automate repetitive tasks and leverage well-defined playbooks to guide fast incident response to maximize the efficiency of their security operations team.

FortiSOAR is a holistic and enterprise-built security orchestration and security automation workbench that empowers security operation teams. FortiSOAR increases a team’s effectiveness by increasing efficiency, allowing for response in near real time. 

In this workshop, participants learn how FortiSOAR takes your security operation team to the next level by automating the incident response process and facilitating collaboration, all behind a single console.

Participants who attend this workshop will learn how to:

•    Address the staff and skills shortage by automating routine tasks to preserve scarce expertise for critical incidents
•    Combat complexity with connectors that easily integrate with deployed security controls to ingest information and provide a single, centralized point of visibility and control
•    Avoid alert fatigue by aggregating security alerts in one place, enriching them with added context to speed investigation, and including playbooks to guide the triage process


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