For Retailers, Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Must Go Hand in Hand

The evolving nature of technology and changing consumer expectations is a constant -- something retailers quite simply must embrace or avoid falling behind. For businesses to survive in this new era, they must adapt and accept that their success ultimately hinges on how well they can utilize digital technology in its many forms. These range from those focused on improving efficiencies in the supply chain to those that offer customers a more consistent and connected omnichannel experience. In other words, if retailers want to keep up, they must be prepared to transform everything from product development and marketing to production and operations strategies. But while these changes can and often do bring positive results, there is an aspect of this shift that often gets overlooked: Cybersecurity. In this session, you will learn how Fortinet’s platform of solutions can solve the business challenges of retailers today.

Courtney Radke - Fortinet