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Date: April 6th & April 7th


Join us online for a free two-day summit in Fortinet's 3D Digital Environment

In a period unlike any other, the innovation and flexibility made possible by Cloud makes organizations' Cloud strategies top of mind. Integrating security by design into your Cloud strategy allows you to move at the speed you want. The Fortinet Cloud Security 360 Summit focuses on how integrating security empowers the opportunities of Cloud, enhancing agility, breaking down silos, and enabling information to flow. Securely.

DATE: April 20th and 21st 

The Fortinet 5G Security Summit: Enabling Industry Adoption is a new thought leadership event focused on establishing Fortinet as a name to remember in the 5G Ecosystem.  The summit focuses on 5G value and use cases in industry verticals, and the role security has to play in enabling their adoption. Focused on 2 General sessions and one Deep Dive session, the summit will discuss how 5G has the potential to empower a profound change in business verticals’ and the role security has to play in enabling 5G adoption in industries and businesses.

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Join us for an informational session of technical discussions and demonstrations on Wednesday, March 17th, 2021. 

During this virtual event, we will be hosting four (4) 55 min sessions on FortiEDR, FortiMail and FortiSIEM plus a bonus session on SD-WAN.

Wednesday, March 17th