DINNER details:

Industrial Environments at the Cross Hairs of Cyberattacks 

Tuesday, November 1, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (CDT)


Industrial environments have embraced the internet-of-things (IIoT) increasing the number of internet-connected systems and devices now mixed with sensitive, aging critical infrastructure.  The increase in digital connectivity introduces an expanded attack surface creating new pathways for cyber criminals. Cyber-physical systems introduce new risks challenging cybersecurity norms to think beyond data protection putting industrial environments at the cross hairs of cyberattack.  


Tuesday, November 1, 2022

  • 6:00 pm Drinks
  • 6:30 pm Sit for Dinner
  • 6:45 pm Roundtable Discussion during Dinner
  • 8:15 pm Closing Remarks
  • 8:30 pm Event Concludes



Operations, IT and risk leaders need to develop security programs encompassing the entire spectrum of cyber-physical risk.  Guided by insight from Fortinet and OTORIO leaders, this invitation-only event will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering thoughts on how industrial controls can meet the demands of safety, availability and security in today’s digitally connected environment. Among the discussion topics will be:

  • What are the business drivers for increasing or revising cybersecurity in your organization? Are the challenges of IoT/IIoT proliferation, Cloud Adoption, and Rapid Innovation to extend remote access top of mind? 
  • In light of recent cyber events in the news (e.g. Supply Chain & Ransomware Attacks) what internal discussions occurred that prompted actions for your cyber readiness? 
  • Have you identified your environment critical assets? Are the assets and data protected consistent with title 6 of the Critical Infrastructure Act? What considerations are you evaluating given the guidelines put forth by the Critical Infrastructure Act around reporting incidents and response planning?
  • How dependent are you today on multiple point products to yield a total OT Security Solution? Are multiple point solutions the answer? 
  • What steps can you take to balance the security priorities of the business with the people, processes and culture of the organization? 


Jay Gignac
Jay Gignac
VP WW Sales

Jean-Francois Gignac is a veteran of the Security industry, having worked for and with Vendors for the last 15 years with the like of Fortinet, Websense, Sourcefire, Cisco and finally 2 Isreali Cybersecurity startups Claroty and Armis. In recent years, he started his own consultancy practice focused on the convergence of the IT and OT/ICS to assist organizations with the challenges that this presents. Jean-Francois, also known as Jay, brings a clear understanding of the convergence dynamics, risks and opportunities that industry 4.0 brings. He is knowledgeable and built an expertise with emerging technologies in IoT, IIoT, IoMT, existing security practices surrounding them and the challenges to secure them in today’s organizations. Adept at translating vendor speak, evaluating real-world capabilities of emerging technologies and their benefits or drawbacks he assists organizations in choosing the right technologies for their security plan, frameworks, requirements, objectives as well as industry specific solutions. A competent orator, presenter and communicatory he is skilled with managing complex deals engaging with several actors and decision makers to keep projects on track and within budget. He also excels in bridging the technical gap for non-technical stakeholders and decision makers. Jean-Francois is knowledgeable about the common security standards governing both IT and OT organizations such as ISO27K, NIST, CIS, NERC-CIP, HIIPA, PCI-DSS. He is currently studying for his CISA exam. Jean-Francois has had the privilege of working with International organizations, some of Canada’s largest OT organizations across many industries, including Utilities, Mining, Transportation and Logistics, R&D, Waste Water, Forestry, Chemical and Medical. Jean-Francois lives in the region of Montreal, Quebec, Canada with his family of 5 and their 2 dogs.

Shawn Reilly
Shawn Reilly
Regional VP, Vertical Sales
Shawn Reilly is a Senior Director at Fortinet with responsibility for sales growth and team management of their North American Vertical Sales. This includes their Retail, Operational Technology and Healthcare businesses. Shawn has 27 years of experience working in strategic business development and sales leadership at several companies. He has earned a keen ability to educate customers and team members on complex products to ensure they are well educated about the associated value his company brings to the table. Prior to joining Fortinet, Shawn spent almost 6 years at Dell SonicWall leading the Northeast business through a massive growth transformation. His greatest strengths are his positive thinking, drive and leadership skills. Shawn thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach.

Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez
Sr. Director, Operational Technology USA

Carlos-Raul Sanchez is a technologist with 32 years of experience in network, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure security. Carlos specializes in simplifying complex business problems with a pragmatic application of technology. With master’s degrees in computer science, business administration, and a wide range of experience ranging from US Air Force, DOD contractor, and O&GIT security, he is known for securing critical infrastructure worldwide. He spent 15 years leading teams securing oil fields in the United States and offshore assets Gulf of Mexico, Western Africa, Brazil, and South China Sea. Now with Fortinet, he is the Sr. Director of Operational Technology, providing solutions and education to companies seeking to improve their critical infrastructure security posture.