Session Details:

Thursday, February 23, 2023
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CST)

Industries that use industrial control systems are looking to add new capabilities and improve operational efficiencies through the latest digital innovations. But as operational technology (OT) environments incorporate IT-based devices and applications, it creates new pathways for cyber criminals to exploit critical production systems. Despite consensus on attack surface expansion and shared management challenges responding to attacks, there remains high degree of variation in security practices and capabilities, including practices for securing legacy and modern equipment. 

To protect the critical infrastructure in OT, industrial organizations need to harness the power of segmentation to secure their resources, systems, and users, as well as minimize the risk of attackers gaining access to their critical infrastructure. 

During this webinar, we will explore the fundamentals of segmentation through the combination of traditional methods used and the modern alternatives available that provide protection for the mix of systems used in OT environments. This 45-minute session will discuss the:

  • Traditional and modern segmentation methods for operational environments including the risks associated with a flat network architecture
  • Segmentation practices to support compliance with NIST, IEC 62443 and other operational cybersecurity frameworks
  • Importance of investing in a platform to deliver cybersecurity for all layers of the network


Carlos-Raul Sanchez
Carlos-Raul Sanchez
Sr. Director, Operational Technology

Carlos-Raul Sanchez is a technologist with 32 years of experience in network, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure security. Carlos specializes in simplifying complex business problems with a pragmatic application of technology. With a wide range of experience ranging from US Air Force, DOD contractor, and O&G IT security, he is known for securing critical infrastructure worldwide. He spent 15 years leading teams securing oil fields in the United States and offshore assets Gulf of Mexico, Western Africa, Brazil, and South China Sea. Now with Fortinet, he is part of the Global Operational Technology Team providing solutions and education to companies seeking to improve their critical infrastructure security posture. When not traveling as part of his duties, Carlos is an avid motorsport enthusiast and windsurfer.