The Security Fabric Pitch
Date & Time
Friday, May 7, 2021, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Today, organisations are having to rapidly adapt to an ever changing world and leverage the latest technology to remain competitive. Their networks are becoming more complex, and hence, their attack surfaces are broader. They’re facing a multitude of cyber threats, while at the same time trying to meet budget restrictions and business unit demands. Fortinet’s unique point of difference is a true end-to-end solution that interconnects real time cybersecurity and advanced network capabilities, from the core, the edge, the device to the cloud. We at Fortinet call this the ‘Security Fabric’ and it seamlessly integrates and simplifies the protection of digital assets and covers the ever widening attacks surface. The entire Security Fabric benefits from centralised management and analytic (single pane of glass) making it quick and more efficient for IT to manage both their security and network environments. Leveraging inbuilt automation and machine learning helps boost efficiency and productivity in a market struggling with a skills and budget shortage. This allows customers to consolidate their often complicated and disparate tech stack, whilst saving them time, money and delivering greater efficiencies. Learn how to talk about the benefits of Fortinet’s integrated security solution, and how it aligns to customer and market requirements.