How To Use Deception Technology To Protect Your OT/ IT Networks

In operational technology environments, safety and continuity are crucial considerations. But traditional security controls simply won’t protect OT infrastructure, much of which was not designed with security in mind, to combat today’s fast-evolving threats. What’s more, air gaps between IT and OT are decreasing, and oftentimes, OT/IT devices are deployed in the same segment, providing the opportunity for bad actors to move laterally across IT/OT infrastructures.

Join John Tolbert, lead Analyst and Managing Director of KuppingerCole, Moshe Ben Simon, Deception VP Product Management, and Sigalit Kaidar, Director of Product Marketing, for an informative panel discussion to better understand the role advanced deception technology plays in today’s IT/OT defense program.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How to use deception to detect and protect against IT/OT threats
  • Valuable tips on how to architect a deception environment and measure its effectiveness
  • How deception, integrated into your security ecosystem, is used to enhance threat intelligence and automate incident response

This session will include a live demo, where you will see FortiDeceptor in action, and how it effectively detects and quarantines attacks in an OT environment.