Extend Your Threat Intelligence Beyond the Perimeter: Protect Your Brand and Internet-exposed Assets

Malicious actors are constantly launching cyberattacks, leveraging vulnerable internet-facing assets, domain infringement, phishing websites, rogue mobile apps, fake social media accounts, and more. The earlier you can view what adversaries are seeing, doing, and planning, the faster you can adjust your security posture and respond. Join us on for an info-packed session, where you’ll learn how to counter attacks at the reconnaissance phase – the initial stage of a cyberattack. Find out how to significantly reduce the risk, time, and costs of later-stage threat mitigation.

Discussion topics will include:

  • Various ways of detecting immediate security threats throughout the external attack surface
  • Monitoring your organization’s digital footprint for effective brand protection and customer trust
  • Merging external attack surface visibility, actionable threat intelligence, and threat hunting expertise for fast remediation