Full Name
Jay Larson
Job Title
Chief Information Officer
Summit Healthcare
Speaker Bio

Jay has spent his entire career working in IT, most of which has been in a healthcare setting. He started out at the Help Desk of a 217 bed hospital in his Iowa hometown, and quickly worked his way up, garnering experience in up-front, behind-the-scenes, and leadership aspects of IT. Over the years, Jay has written many programs to track and reduce patient safety events and improve overall healthcare quality.

Jay holds degrees in Computer Systems Networking and Network Design and Management, as well as a diploma from Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership. He is certified as a Fortinet Net Security Expert Level 3 and CISSP(Certified Information Systems Security Professional). Jay has also been a member of many panels, councils, and committees. Currently, he is part of the Infragard Joint FBI and Private Sector Partnership working to improve American cyber security. During his brief time away from healthcare, Jay worked for the U.S. District Courts where he was featured in Fed Tech Magazine for his work in redesigning and updating courtroom technology.

Jay Larson