Work From Anywhere with Fortinet Single-Vendor SASE

May 31, 2023


The hybrid workforce has become a reality for most businesses, yet it creates new headaches by expanding the organization’s attack surface. This presents a challenge for cybersecurity and IT teams as they work to ensure that security policies are being applied and enforced consistently for users that are both on and off the corporate network. Secure access service edge (SASE) architecture helps extend secure access and high-performance connectivity to users regardless of their geographic location.

Fortinet Single-vendor SASE solution offers a full set of networking and security capabilities including SWG, Universal ZTNA, CASB, FWaaS, and secure SD-WAN integration—all managed with one UI. Join our virtual session to learn:

  • Enabling consistent Security and User Experience
  • Drive Operational Efficiency with Unified Agent and Simple UI
  • Plus, see how simple achieving secure access everywhere can be with a live SASE demo!

Gain Critical Around-the-Clock Incident Management

June 8, 2023


You need to keep your organization safe from threats. However, the growing attack surface paired with the global cybersecurity skills shortage makes it almost impossible to sift through the massive volume of alerts to triage, investigate and remediate. Most businesses now have more work than people to go around and are struggling to hire and retain experienced security professionals for critical 24x7 security operations. Managed solutions can offer flexible pricing and guaranteed time-to-service for peace of mind that your business is protected. 

Join us to learn how managed solutions can help you:  

  • Gain immediate support or wholly outsource monitoring and detection of your FortiGates
  • Close gaps in your organization to increase detection and shorten response times 
  • Triage and respond to threats faster while prioritizing critical staff time and resources  

Understanding Zero Trust: Identity and Universal ZTNA

June 13, 2023


It’s no longer safe to assume that just because a user or device is connected to the network, they should have access to everything. Unlike the traditional “castle-and-moat” security model, a zero-trust approach is based on authenticating a user’s identity and using other controls to provide least privilege access to applications.

Admittedly, zero trust can be a confusing term due to how it applies across many technologies. Adding to the potential confusion are any number of various products that call themselves Zero Trust. Join our virtual session to learn how implement zero trust security for your organization. We’ll dive into:

  • Zero Trust, Identity Security, and ZTNA explained
  • Zero trust use cases: it’s not just for remote access!
  • How Fortinet’s Universal ZTNA provides complete coverage while simplifying the transition to a Zero Trust approach

Understanding Your Responsibilities When Moving to the Public Cloud

June 29, 2023


Cloud adoption continues to grow both in total volume and in diversification of services. To meet evolving business needs, organizations are establishing the cloud as the new data center, moving applications between on-premise and cloud environments.  The result is operational complexity, loss of visibility, and potential for misconfigurations, which lead to cybersecurity risks.

You might be wondering: what is your responsibility as a risk owner, and what can you do to mitigate risk?

Join our virtual session to learn:

  • Business outcome and security benefits of moving applications to the cloud
  • Where risks lie on the cloud journey
  • How to build an organizational strategy to make you cloud-ready
  • How Fortinet capabilities can help you be successful on your cloud journey when it comes to people, processes and tools

Strengthen Your Security Posture with AI-Driven Security Operations

July 11, 2023


Security operations teams have the very important job of monitoring, detecting, investigating, and responding to threats to protect organizations. However, with not enough trained people, inadequate visibility, and alert overload, security operations teams are struggling to keep up. Meanwhile, cybercriminals are increasingly using attack automation and machine learning (ML) to move faster and avoid detection. To keep up with the volume, sophistication, and speed of today’s cyber threats, you need AI-driven security operations that can function at machine speed. 

Join our virtual session to learn how you can:  

  • Address human weaknesses and vulnerabilities with AI assistive technologies  
  • Achieve advanced threat detection and automated response capabilities 
  • Centralize security monitoring and analytics  
  • Unify event correlation and risk management across NOC and SOC 
  • Regain focus, control and speed with a managed SOCaaS solution 

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

July 20, 2023


Today’s organizations have a broad digital attack surface, providing many avenues of entry and exfiltration for cybercriminals. And they’re doing more than stealing data—often encrypting entire networks and interrupting business operations for long periods of time.

Join our virtual session with Fortinet’s Brook Chelmo for insights into reducing ransomware risk, plus learnings from his year-long experience with a Russian ransomware cell and documenting the use of Discord amongst Generation Z as a hacking and ransomware university.

You’ll learn how to:

How Russia ramped up the ransomware engine as an answer to sanctions
How to Reduce your attack surface and stitch together a comprehensive security ecosystem
Find ways to simplify and streamline security operations, especially for those with lean teams