Join us for breakfast on June 12 as we explore how Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) is reshaping security practices and enhancing operational efficiency.

Discover how integrating FortiSIEM and FortiSOAR into MXDR can streamline security operations while reducing the complexity and costs associated with managing multiple solutions.

Take this opportunity to meet the local Fortinet and GoSecure team, expand your cybersecurity acumen, and network with local peers! 


Enhanced Efficiency through MXDR: Discover how to increase response and mitigation speeds to keep up with today's growing threats.

Resource Optimization and Cost Reduction: Learn how to consolidate critical security tools and security data to reduce the costs associated with managing multiple solutions and enhance visibility through comprehensive and powerful detection response.

Share insights: Connect and engage in thought provoking conversations with cybersecurity professionals.


Join us June 12th at Café Lunette! Space is limited.