On Wednesday, May 1, 2024, the Fortinet TechExpo24, is coming to the Grand Quai du Port de Montréal. After the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received during the inaugural Fortinet TechExpo23, hosted in Montreal in May 2023 - we have decided to bring it back, but BIGGER!


We are expecting to have 600+ attendees across the public and private sector. From executives and business owners to security experts and tech enthusiasts, Fortinet TechExpo24 is sure to lend insights and leave attendees with 'food for thought'.

Those who attend can expect opportunities to meet influential speakers, learn about pressing security topics, and network with like-minded peers.


Dive deep into the complexities of the modern cyber threat landscape at Fortinet TechExpo24. Our sessions will cover the latest trends, evolving threats, and the cybersecurity challenges organizations face today. This knowledge is indispensable for professionals aiming to protect their organizations in an ever-changing digital world.

Explore the forefront of cybersecurity innovation at Fortinet TechExpo24. The event showcases the latest solutions and technologies designed to combat advanced threats. Engage with groundbreaking tools and learn how they can be integrated into your security strategy to enhance protection and resilience.

Experience the intensity and complexity of cyber-attacks through live simulations at Fortinet TechExpo24. These demonstrations provide a unique opportunity to see how attacks unfold and how effective responses can mitigate or prevent damage. Gain valuable insights into the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by cyber adversaries.

Fortinet TechExpo24 is your chance to hear from some of the most respected voices in cybersecurity. Our speakers include industry thought leaders and security experts who will share their perspectives on current trends, future challenges, and the strategies needed to navigate the cybersecurity landscape successfully.

Connect with a community of professionals who share your passion for cybersecurity at Fortinet TechExpo24. Whether you're looking to exchange ideas or find experts to support you on a current project, the event provides an ideal platform to expand your professional network and forge valuable relationships within the industry.