Alex Samonte
Alex Samonte
Director of Technical Architecture
Speaker Bio
Alex Samonte is the Director of Technical Architecture at Fortinet and responsible for building reference architectures, doing executive briefings, competitive product testing, and is part of the Solutions Architect Team as well as the office of the CTO. Alex has had direct experience with many vendor configurations of Load Balancers, Firewalls, VPNs and SSL accelerators. His analytical mind and troubleshooting skills help understand how many of the products work and how they are deployed in customer environments. Alex is a big picture thinker and is one of the people who understands Fortinet's entire product line from end to end.

Prior to Fortinet Alex worked in the Data Center field, where he spent 5 years and was Chief Engineer at Metromedia Fiber Networks, After that, spending the next 25 years in the network security space for Inkra Networks, Bluecoat Systems.

Alex Likes cats more than dogs, and is a world ranked pinball player. He doesn't drink, but used to own an internet cafe art gallery and currently runs a theme camp at Burning Man.