Workshops specifically developed by the Training Institute for engineers on the path to their FCP (Fortinet Certified Professional) certification*. Prerequisites are required and detailed below.

Product Versions

• FortiGate 7.2


It’s a unique opportunity to immerse in Fortinet technology, experience the exclusivity of the XPERTS Summit, and participate in accelerated training that complements your NSE exam preparation. Participants also receive an exam voucher at the end of the event.


During this track, you will learn the fundamentals of using FortiGate, how to configure and manage a single security instance – virtual domain, a virtual machine, or physical appliance – and core topics for network deployment. We’ll have an interactive lab environment set up, where you can explore the configuration and settings of FortiGate devices.


These Workshops are aligned with the FCP Network Security certification and are recommended for anyone looking to get started with Fortinet Technical Certifications. Note, you are advised to review the topics from the full versions of the courses presented in this Workshop using the FCP self-paced training available at the Training Institute.


• Knowledge of network protocols
• Knowledge of firewall concepts in an IPv4 network
• Basic understanding of firewall concepts

*Additional preparation may be required before attempting the FCP (Fortinet Certified Professional) exams. Please review the FCP (Fortinet Certified Professional) online videos and sample exam at the Training Institute.

Effective October 1, 2023, the Fortinet NSE Certification program will undergo four major updates. Please go to How to get Certified for Cybersecurity | Fortinet for the most updated information about the new Certification Program. For more information, please visit our FAQ.