June 15th | Demo Sessions & Topics

An Intro to OT

This OT Demo Day will begin with a 30-minute introductory session presented by National Senior Director, Foad Godarzy. He will cover the Fabric Architectural approach, along with the people, process, and cultural transformation required to be successful in Securing Operational Technology and Critical Infrastructure environments of today. Foad will deliver an understanding of the architecture required to ensure that the business-critical assets and processes are protected from cyber-physical risk.


With this session, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of what is needed to protect, the demonstrated, OT systems.
  • Learn why a timely approach is needed.
  • Discover the appropriate response to a given risk.
Foad Godarzy
Foad Godarzy , Sr. Director OT Security - Fortinet
Real World OT | Attack Demo

We will begin our demo series with a simulated attack of an OT system while protected by the Fortinet Security Fabric.

In this demo, you can expect to learn:

  • What the attack will look like when it succeeds without protections set in place. 
  • A breakdown of the security measures established within the Security Fabric.
Michelle Balderson Leonardo Moreira
Michelle Balderson , Director Sales, SME Operational Technology, CANADA - Fortinet, Inc
Leonardo Moreira , Manager, Business Development Engineering - Fortinet
The OT Space | Visibility to Segmentation

OT Security requires much more than visibility. Ideally, we look to a platform-based approach that allows us to manage and respond to risk, therefore we also need control, situational awareness and actionable intelligence which can enable us, the defenders, to have timely and appropriate response to risk.

In this demo, you can expect to learn:

  • Visibility in combination with control over the infrastructure, leading to segmentation and micro-segmentation in the OT space.
  • Data collection and telemetry to ensure situational awareness that enables the organization to respond to risk.  
carlos augusto Guylain Briand
carlos augusto , Reg Mgr. - OT - Fortinet
Guylain Briand , CSE - Fortinet
Protect OT Industries & Manufacturing | Deception & Sandboxing

Advanced Threats require advanced responses.

In this demo, you can expect to learn:

  • How Deception and Sandboxing can allow visibility.
  • Enabling advanced threat protection with network detection and response.
  • Deep file analysis with OT Sandboxing.
Jeff Brown Leonardo Moreira
Jeff Brown , Regional Sales Manager - Fortinet
Leonardo Moreira , Manager, Business Development Engineering - Fortinet

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