Secure the Oil Field

Secure the Oil Field: Simplify Security in an Era of Increased Threats

Digital acceleration is driving the entire oil and gas operating environment online, increasing connectivity and at the same time, expanding the attack surface.  As industrial environments incorporate IT-based devices and applications, it creates new pathways for cyber criminals to exploit critical production systems. Despite consensus on attack surface expansion and shared management responding to attacks, there remains a high degree of variation in security practices and capabilities, including practices for securing legacy and modern equipment. To protect these complex environments, oil and gas organizations need to harness the power of network segmentation and access controls provided through a cybersecurity mesh architecture.  During this session, oil and gas security veteran Carlos Sanchez will address the defense in depth strategy needed to support the cybersecurity requirements for the oil and gas industry leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Wednesday, August 24, 2022
2:10 PM - 2:45 PM (EDT)