A Straight Dialogue between Top Executives

You are important to Fortinet.

We created this forum for executives like you.

90 minutes of straight talk, unrecorded, between you, a few of your peers and the leaders of Fortinet: our Chairman, our CTO, our CFO, our CMO, and our Chief Revenue Officer.

A few slides to set the tone, and we get straight into the topics that matter to you.

Please register now, only a small dozen seats are available.


  • The Gartner Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture, ok now how?
  • Is there a 5G-OT-Cloud Convergence around the corner?
  • How will we consume cybersecurity in the future?
  • What the latest attacks tell us about tomorrow.
  • Fortinet on Fortinet, how we use our own solutions.

As you register you can suggest other topics.


05 OCTOBER 2022 | 16:00-17:30 CET

Fortinet Customer Executive Exchange 2022

Part 1: A short overview of what you should know, from Chief Financial Officer, Keith Jensen.

Part 2: The Round Table Discussion: Sharing and Learning

The Fortinet Participants

  • Ken Xie, Founder, Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer
  • Michael Xie, Founder, President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Patrice Perche, Chief Revenue Officer & EVP Support
  • Keith Jensen, Chief Financial Officer
  • John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Products