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Educational institutions are often the target of cyberattacks but have limited resources to deploy in defending against them. There have been over 1,139 successful K12 cyberattacks alone, spanning over all 50 states most recently. Attracting and retaining skilled cybersecurity talent is an ongoing struggle, and the pressure on IT and security experts in educational institutions to provide solutions to do more with less is constantly increasing. Effectively leverage your resources to safeguard your institution from becoming one of the all too common statistics with the help of Fortinet.


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Join Fortinet for an Update and in-depth review of the current state of federal funding for K-12 & Higher Education . The pandemic has been a bit of a roller coaster, but security for both remote and in-person learning for students and staff alike will never go back to the ‘old normal’. Securing entire educational institutions may sound like an impossibly expensive and extensive lift, but it doesn’t have to be if you understand federal funding; what it covers and how much you have access to.   


The Fortinet SLED Practice Directors will lead the discussion around what funding is available and how to best leverage it for your district’s security and compliance requirements:

  • Government funding via the American Rescue Plan
  • HEER
  • E-rate
  • ECF
  • BroadBand infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Bill funding

We will delve into key areas of impact affecting government and education, including:

  • The K-12 Cyber Security Law
  • White House Executive Order
  • Cyber Insurance requirements that must be met

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