Join our webinar as we deconstruct the federal E-Rate program's potential for K-12 schools. Designed exclusively for educators, IT professionals, and administrators, this session offers valuable insights into optimizing the E-Rate program to fund vital network infrastructure projects.

Our experts will help you gain comprehensive knowledge of the E-Rate program's application in K-12 schools, empowering your school community with improved digital learning experiences through well-directed funds for crucial network projects.

Participants who attend this event will learn the following:

  • Navigate The Erate Program with Confidence
  • Discover Eligible products and service funded by erate
  • Unveil Fortinet's unique value proposition within the E-Rate program, empowering your institution with top-tier network security and performance.

Register now to enhance your educational institution with Fortinet's expertise and leverage the E-Rate program's substantial benefits. 


Mike Lauer
Mike Lauer
Director Fortinet SLED Program, Education

Peter Kaplan
Director Fortinet SLED Program, Government


If you have any questions regarding this webinar, please reach out to Elizabeth Carbonneau at ecarbonneau@fortinet.com