Fast Track Workshop: Security Fabric

Creating a Comprehensive Security Fabric 6.2

Today’s new world of networking requires a new approach to security: one that simply, yet intelligently, secures the entire infrastructure; one that delivers full visibility into every viable network segment and the devices and endpoints behind them; one that can seamlessly integrate with third-party solutions, enabling users to ubiquitously collect, share, and correlate threat intelligence.


The Fortinet Security Fabric represents the first-ever architectural security approach designed to dynamically adapt to today’s evolving IT infrastructure. This multi-layered approach provides broad, integrated, and automated protection against sophisticated threats.


Networks today are expanding rapidly. At the same time, the threat landscape is growing faster than ever. Having security that solves the challenges of today’s highly adaptive threat landscape, while protecting your entire dynamic environment, is more critical than ever.


Participants who attend this workshop will learn how:

  • Introduce the Fortinet Security Fabric and discuss the main business drivers
  • Detail specific components that make up the Fortinet Security Fabric
  • Build a comprehensive solution to prevent, detect and respond to security incidents using the Broad, Integrated and Automated approach
Seats are limited, so please subscribe quickly for the Fast Track Workshop Security Fabric on the 18th of March in Utrecht.
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