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Organizations are undergoing a radical shift in business models due to digital transformation. As a result, new cybersecurity models, tools, and architectures are required. Cybersecurity professionals are focused on 5 key challenges:

1.      Cost reduction

2.      Visibility into the exponentially larger attack surface

3.      Consolidation away from point products and automation of manual processes

4.      Flexibility to take advantage of public, private, and hybrid cloud environments

5.      Reporting to meet the multiplying compliance requirements


In order to meet these challenges, a security transformation is taking place. Join this interactive session to discover the four areas of transformation:

1.      Technical. Price, performance, and security of Fortinet solutions are the leading institutional choice, as validated by multiple, independent third-parties. Discover the full spectrum of cybersecurity capabilities; from the edge through the data center and into the cloud, coupled with the portability of FortiOS.

2.      Financial. Cost reduction is an integral part of implementing a security transformation. See how Fortinet solutions not only reduce TCO, but have been proven at some of the largest institutions around the world.

3.      Operations. Automation and orchestration is possible through APIs to and from Fortinet's central management infrastructure or directly to secure gateways. In addition, APIs enable orchestration via a programmable Security Fabric.

4.      Transition. Near zero-touch provisioning via automated scripts to convert firewall policies coupled with a robust training regimen ensures a successful security transformation.



Date:  Thursday, November 19, 2020

Time:  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

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Kevin Carney

VP of Northeastern US and Global Financial Services, Fortinet

Kevin has over 25 years of industry experience running global strategy, P&L management, marketing, and sales, including extensive expertise across the financial services industry. As enterprise organizations adopt digital initiatives to accelerate their businesses and maintain a competitive edge, Kevin and his team leverage the Fortinet Security Fabric to help customers reduce cost, improve efficiency, and provide superior customer experiences through broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions.


Kevin began his career building the telecommunications backbones for trading floors at some of the world’s largest capital markets firms. In 1997, he leveraged this experience and moved into business-to-business technology sales and has since held various leadership roles at 3Com, EMC/Dell, NetApp, HPE and now Fortinet.


Kevin graduated with a BA in Economics from Fordham Universtity in 1991.  Later, he returned to Fordham, receiving an MBA in Finance and Information Technology at the Gabelli School of Business in 2002.