Welcome to Fortinet's "Bracketology" event, your access to premier college basketball analysts, Jay Bilas, Joe Lunardi, and Kenny Smith to help you build your best tournament bracket for 2021.

As a leading network technology provider ourselves, we appreciate the importance of hearing directly from the experts.  That’s why we have lined up a series of Fortinet tracks granting you access to the ‘inside scoop’ on the top 64 college teams participating in this year’s bracket.

Once you’ve completed a single Fortinet track you will be invited to participate in Jay Bilas, ESPN basketball analyst on March 16th. Here you’ll be able to get advice from, and ask questions to, a well-known basketball expert.

Here's how it works.

Below, there are a series of tracks and actions you need to take to gain access to each basketball analyst session. Complete a single Fortinet track (below) to be invited to participate.