Looking to advance your OT security strategy? Join us at the Operational Technology Security Summit to learn how you can reduce your operational risk and increase your network and cybersecurity resiliency. We will explore the convergence of cybersecurity across your IT and OT networks from the production facility to the board room. You’ll learn how to:

  • Minimize risk exposure with network segmentation
  • Identify, respond, and patch threats faster with threat intelligence
  • Protect your endpoints with automated protection, detection, and response

Plus, hear from our customers and partners about how they are using the Fortinet Security Fabric to keep their production and critical infrastructure secure.


While Digital Transformation has accelerated for most organizations increasing efficiency, it has also increased risk as the attack surface expands. Historically cybercriminals have focused on stealing data and ransomware. However, inadequate and outdated security has made OT environments an attractive and easy target.


As bad actors develop more sophisticated and destructive attacks and specifically target OT networks, asset owners must ensure all devices within their IT and OT production network remain safe, available, and secure. Register now for the Operational Technology Security Summit and gain the knowledge you need to support you on your cybersecurity journey. 


Patrick Miller

President and CEO 

Jeff Zindel

Vice President and GM, Cybersecurity

M.K. Palmore


Dee Kimata 

Director Cybersecurity Solutions & Services

Justin Woody

Director of Innovation

Patrick Hayes

Manager of Cloud Edge Compute and Virtualization



Digital transformation is causing a shift in the risk model for industrial security as the data produced by operations becomes as valuable (or more valuable) than the actual operations. With transformation comes gains in efficiency, productivity and new data used to inform decisions.  Transformation also increases the number of connected devices, users and applications on the network attracting the attention of the bad actor and expanding the attack surface.  During this session, we’ll explore:

  • Market trends impacting the risk equation for industrial organizations
  • Aligning cybersecurity strategy to risk model
  • Evolving cybersecurity maturing by integrating people, process and technology



Technology advancements and market dynamics are driving the need for industrial organizations to transform and innovate like never before. To enable transformation and support the operational priorities of safety, availability and security, three major technologies and architectures are being considered – Cloud, IoT/IIoT and Mobility/5G.  This is demonstrated through the number and type of devices connecting to the industrial network – smart sensors, valves, and gauges – expanding the attack surface and making industrial environments low-hanging fruit for an attack. Cloud adoption has also increased to improve data analytics and support the growing need for remote access. Listen in as our panel of OT experts explore:

  • Threats
  • Challenges
  • Security strategies used for industrial environments



Industries that use industrial control systems are looking to improve operational efficiencies and add new capabilities through the latest digital innovations. But as OT environments incorporate IT-based devices and applications, new pathways for cybercriminals to exploit critical production systems are created. Despite consensus on attack surface expansion and shared management challenges in responding to attacks, there remains a high degree of variation in security practices and capabilities. Explore how to protect your critical infrastructure in OT by:

  • Harnessing the power of segmentation to secure resources, systems, and users
  • Minimizing the risk of attackers gaining access to critical infrastructure



In this session, we sit down with Honeywell to talk about how they prioritize security with their client installs, specifically using the Fortinet Security Fabric for network segmentation and micro segmentation to secure connectivity, data integrity, and industrial controls. 



Traditionally, OT network security plans relied upon a physical disconnect between OT and IT networks. But with the digital transformation of OT, connections to IT and Cloud environments are increasing. Although digital transformation is a clear trend with business benefits, the process brings with it a number of security challenges. Key takeaways from this session include: 

  • Understanding the risk of the evolving threat landscape targeting industrial environments
  • Applying application control signatures to reduce the attack surface for ICS and OT
  • Protecting vulnerable and unpatched OT systems from exploitation



In this session, we sit down with Dee Kimata, Director of Cybersecurity Services at Schneider Electric, and talk about how they leverage the Fortinet Security Fabric in customer projects that require secure cloud connectivity, data integrity, and flexible control.  The discussion will also offer an example of Schneider’s use of Fortinet as a manufacturer to apply threat intelligence and reduce own operational risk.



The rapid changes in market conditions, matched with demand fluctuation, require OT organizations to operate with greater agility, where many choose to connect their IT systems with OT networks. To protect this hybrid operation, IT and OT leaders are looking to implement a multi-layered defense that enables end-to-end visibility and prevents human/automated attacks from spreading across the IT/OT networks.

Join us to learn how Fortinet provides holistic defense, purpose-built for ICS/OT environments, help you reduce risks with each layer of security (e.g., network, endpoint, deception, security management and orchestration), while avoiding disruption to production.



In this session, we sit down with Patrick Hayes, leader from Siemens, to talk about how they design security in with their energy customers leveraging the Fortinet Security Fabric.



Noble Drilling
Cybersecurity trust & thought leadership director
Schneider Electric
Director of Product, Endpoint Security
Director of Product Management
CISM, CISSP - Director, Office of the CISO
Google Cloud
Vice President and General Manager of Cybersecurity
Honeywell Connected Enterprise
Director Marketing, OT Solutions
Field CISO for Operational Technology
President and CEO of Ampere Industrial Security
Ampere Industrial Security
Sr. Director, Operational Technology
Sr. Director Security Strategy