Roundtable: How to convince OT about Security?

Who: IT leaders who want to convince their operations colleagues about security

What: An Exclusive, Invite-only Roundtable Event

Where: In a (secret) online event space

When: 4 February January 2021 - 09.30- 10:30


The need for cybersecurity in IT is clear; organizations do not hesitate to make major investments to protect their data resources. However, the same is often not true regarding production environments. The days are long gone since industrial control systems, utility controls, health monitoring equipment, and building environment controls were considered protected because they were isolated; everything is now on a network, and it is all a potential target for cyber attack. Operations managers, however, are usually not sufficiently aware of the need to protect those critical environments from cyber attack.  
This is why Fortinet has organized a roundtable gathering IT and Security executives from various industries in Belgium to discuss how to convince our Operations and Production counterparts that cybersecurity is not just important, it is absolutely critical to production uptime.
At our virtual roundtable you will:

  • Meet with a small number of other IT and Security executives.
  • Hear how they have attacked the challenge of convincing their operations counterparts of the importance of security.
  • Talk about what has worked and what has not.
  • Discuss other ways to ensure your valuable production facilities are protected.

By sharing ideas and experiences with your counterparts, you will come away from this roundtable with ideas and strategies you can use in your own organization.
We hope you will be with us to take part in this conversation on 4 February at 09:30. Please register by clicking on the button below. We look forward to your participation.