Unlock the mesh with Fortinet & Presidio! Join us for an update around the newly released Cybersecurity Mesh and the Fortinet Security Fabric followed by a virtual lock-picking event. Each attendee will receive a 3-piece Lockpick set to their home address provided upon registration.

Cybersecurity Mesh and the Fortinet Security Fabric

Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture (CSMA) is an architectural approach proposed by Gartner® that promotes interoperability between distinct security products to achieve a more consolidated security posture.  In this session, we’ll discuss the systemic issues that have stymied cybersecurity and how the Fortinet Security Fabric exemplifies this concept by:

  • Reducing operational complexity while ensuring compliance
  • Enabling interoperability as well as analytics, intelligence, centralized management, and automation
  • Integrating with a broad ecosystem of technologies and vendors


Please register ahead of time as space is limited. Registration will close by 12 P.M. EDT on Wednesday, May 4th to account for shipping deadlines.


Wednesday, May 18th

4:00PM 5:00PM EDT Virtual Webinar Event

4:00PM - Welcome by Fortinet and Presidio

4:00-4:30PM - Gartner Cybersecurity Mesh and the Fortinet Security Fabric Discussion

4:30PM-5:00PM – Lockpick Xtreme Virtual Event including Q&A


Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
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Jonathan Nguyen-Duy
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Vice President, Field CISO

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