Courtney Radke
Courtney Radke
Retail CISO
Courtney spent over 10 years leading retail technology strategy and securing distributed networks at multiple retail and restaurant organizations across North America. As the CISO for Retail & Hospitality at Fortinet, Courtney uses his skills and experience as a former customer and technology leader to provide real-world solutions for customers and partners in the retail vertical.

Jeffrey Neville
Jeffrey Neville
Industry Lead
Windstream Enterprise
Jeff is a business-focused technology strategist with a passion for generating company results through process change and technology innovation. His experience includes both managing retail and SaaS businesses as well as consulting with clients on their growth strategies, business and operating models, and customer and market strategies. Jeff’s combination of consulting and operating experiences as a CIO and CPP in North America, the EU and China enables him to bring a unique perspective to business challenges when partnering with his clients.


Technology has transformed both consumer expectations and the shopping experience, and in turn, retailers need to embrace digital transformation or risk being left behind. Everything from product development and marketing to production and operations must evolve if retailers want to keep up. Unfortunately, with all of these changes, cybersecurity is often overlooked.

Key discussion topics:

•  Contactless commerce

•  Securing web applications

•  Compliance

•  Automating security operations

Let’s get together to share ideas about securing retail during this time of adaptation, as well as discuss innovative ways you can advance your cybersecurity strategy to support today's business environment.