From a constantly evolving threat landscape and expanding attack surface to a significant shortage of skilled professionals, many security teams face serious challenges. Today’s cybersecurity threats are more sophisticated and pervasive, and threat actors typically have plenty of time to achieve their objectives, particularly now with AI-driven tools at their disposal. With AI, threat actors have another “easy” button for carrying out attacks, and security practitioners must stay ahead of these adversaries and must do so faster than ever before.

Join Fortinet’s Security Operations Summit where experts, practitioners, and analysts dive into how organizations can fight back against today’s complex security challenges and AI-powered threats.

You’ll learn about:

  • Current and emerging trends and challenges in cybersecurity in the AI era
  • The use of AI-driven solutions and other technologies to enhance cybersecurity
  • How to invest in AI to build resilience through incident response and recovery


No matter the size of your team, you’ll come away from this summit with the insights, strategies, and tips needed to shift from a time-consuming “detect and respond” approach to a faster “detect, disrupt, investigate, and remediate” paradigm, all while using the latest technologies to help you stay ahead of the adversaries.

Whether it’s overcoming common SOC challenges, streamlining security operations, or implementing AI-driven prevention, detection, investigation, and response efforts, join us for keynotes, fireside chats, and more to level up your organization’s operations and risk mitigation strategy.


Michelle Abraham

Research Director

Dr. Stanley Barr

Senior Principal Scientist

Shawn Waldman


John Maddison

CMO and EVP Product Strategy

Derek Manky

Global VP Threat Intelligence

Peter Newton

Sr. Director of Product Marketing



AI is changing the attack game, helping attackers to “work smarter, not harder.” Join Derek Manky, Chief Security Strategist & Global Vice President of Threat Intelligence, FortiGuard Labs, for a deep dive into the dynamic AI-driven threat landscape, today’s attack trends, and attackers’ latest methods. Learn how by using available AI tools, defenders can implement effective defenses and practices while reducing operational costs.



Join a discussion with Dr. Stanley Barr, a 30 year cybersecurity veteran at MITRE corporation. Dr. Barr will share his best-practice guidance for security operations large and small, as well as review various MITRE initiatives and resources that are extremely valuable to the success of any security organization.



Join us for an engaging workshop that delves into the critical role of AI in boosting Extended Detection and Response (XDR) systems against sophisticated cyber threats. Our goal is to uncover how AI integration enhances automated security across diverse platforms. In this session we will:

  • Examine case studies on successful AI-driven EDR and XDR implementations.
  • Discuss best practices for leveraging AI in enhancing system robustness.



We hear them time and again - I'm worried I don't have total visibility, we can't get to all the alerts, or we can't hire enough staff. Challenges that scare a lot of businesses. How can technology help? Gain insight from one of Fortinet’s leading MSSP partners around tips to getting started, what kind of capabilities and technologies they look for, and how they've been able to leverage them to provide this vital service to hundreds of clients.



As FortiGuard Labs reports the attack surface doubling, it doubles security teams' challenges: escalating threats, limited resources, and relentless time pressures. How can organizations maintain their edge without disrupting daily operations? This session reveals impactful strategies that unify threat response with AI and automation, crafted to detect anything, respond smarter, and scale seamlessly. Discover how to:

  • Keep pace with sophisticated attackers by simplifying and amplifying security without increasing complexity
  • Leverage ready-to-deploy automation and GenAI for timely and effective threat responses
  • Manage risks efficiently while maintaining agility and responsiveness



Increasingly complex networks ultimately give attackers more blind spots to hide their efforts. Join Michelle Abraham (Industry Analyst) and Chris Borales, as they discuss how AI-powered tools are used by security operations centers today to address the real-world use cases where AI is helping overcome SOC challenges like the cyber skills gap, an evolving threat landscape, and reducing alert fatigue.



AI and its role at modernizing security operations continue to evolve. With the introduction of GenAI, not only does it play a role to advance the modern SOC but also a key role in the enterprise business at large. This session will review the current state and future directions of Fortinet GenAI for SecOps. We'll also discuss the broader security implications of AI adoption in the enterprise -- more data in the cloud, new attack surfaces to secure, new attacker techniques to detect – and how Fortinet can aid your overall defense.



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