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Adaptation…as IT professionals we know advances in technology never stop and the job of recommending new tech to help our companies and clients grow and support innovative initiatives falls on our shoulders. And then, there’s security. How do we deliver peace of mind that we can deliver everything they ask while maintaining a safe ecosystem?

In this interactive event, we’ll answer these questions with industry leaders and experts who’ve both seen and done it before. Highlights include:

  • Dedicated tracks on re-designing for remote users at scale and maintaining an evolved secure office network
  • An open expert panel to voice your concerns, gain guidance on next steps and points to consider
  • An opportunity for everyone to walk away with a free FortiGate 60F

Go 'All In' with Fortinet

A fun evening with professional poker player Antonio Esfandiari, sharing some insights into his career and for some valuable tips and tricks for the game. Immediately following.

Free FortiGate 60F

All eligible attendees have the opportunity to receive a free Fortinet 60F* for spending some time with our expert sales team. Reserve your seat at the table.



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The First 48

It’s unfortunate but any business can suffer a Cyber Security Attack or Data Breach. The consequences can be far reaching and often devastating to recover from. In this session we’ll hear from an expert panel on what you should do in ‘The First 48 hours’ following an attack.