The Opportunity of Change

Turning Disruption into Value

In today’s world, change is a given.  But opportunity, and value, can come from change and the resulting disruption.  

In cybersecurity, several key trends have emerged in response to change such as consolidation, convergence, automation, and of course Artificial Intelligence (AI).  To leverage the value that these trends offer – improved operational efficiency, offsetting the current skills shortage, and improved threat detection and response - organisations need to break free from the status quo and re-examine the effectiveness of their current cybersecurity strategy against an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape.

Fortinet UK&I Security Day 2024 will explore the changes impacting organisations of all sizes, together with the key trends and technologies that can minimise disruption and deliver value.

Thursday, 18th April

11:30 - 19:00

Hilton London Metropole

225 Edgware Road

London, W2 1JU

Join more than 500 cybersecurity professionals.

Put your questions to Fortinet experts and the customer panel.

Talk with partners in the expo area to get a unique perspective.

What our Customers said in 2023.

" It has been a great event. Would
love to bring more seniors from my
company to the next one. They also
need to understand the seriousness
of security threats "



" Very impressed with the event lots
of variety and it was very well managed "




"  Great event, as a new customer, this
was my first time at a Fortinet
session. Great speakers & topic,
awesome venue and a very warm
welcome from all! "

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Agenda of the Day

Start Time Name Description More Info
Thursday, April 18, 2024
11:30 AMRegistration & Expo Opens

Registration opens.

12:00 PMEnjoy Lunch in the Expo Area

A light lunch will be served in the expo area.

1:00 PMWelcome and Introductions

The event will be opened, setting out the agenda to follow.

1:10 PMThe Opportunity Behind Disruption

Fortinet Opening, Paul Anderson, VP UKI.

Change, disruption, opportunity.  A logical sequence of events when managed properly but in cybersecurity, change and the resulting disruption is all too often unintended or unexpected.

But disruption can also be an opportunity to seek new perspectives and embrace technological change such as consolidation, convergence, automation, and of course Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This session will focus on the different aspects of disruption and how organisations can take advantage of change to move beyond their current cybersecurity profile.

1:30 PMEnsuring Cybersecurity Investments Remain a Priority Across Your Organisation

Andy Ng, Guest Speaker, ex-Big4 Cyber Partner.

​​​​​​In difficult financial times, cutting back on investments in cybersecurity lends credence to the expression “Penny wise, Pound Foolish”.  Without the proper cybersecurity posture in place, any short-term savings from cancelled or delayed investments can quickly be overwhelmed by business and reputational losses because of a successful data breach.

1:55 PMCustomer Perspective

Customer Panel Discussion.

A selection of Fortinet customers will share their experiences and insights on adapting to the new world approach to cybersecurity, reflecting the need to increase agility and resilience to manage external threats whilst being ready to support continuous business innovation.

2:30 PMBreak

Refreshments in the expo area.

3:00 PMMeeting the Challenges of Tomorrow

Fortinet Expert View, Ben Wilson, SVP Product Management.

​​​​​​Technology is constantly changing but change for change’s sake alone, disconnected from the realities of the market, is a losing proposition.   The Opportunity Behind Disruption relies upon technology that can keep pace and deliver solutions that allow organizations to meet their strategic goals.  This session will provide an overview of how Fortinet evolves in response to the changes and disruption taking place in the market.

3:25 PMChanging the Nature of Security Operations

Fortinet Expert View. Dan Kendall, Senior Systems Engineer

Security Operations is most often associated with what has already happened, but the transformational changes in today’s networks and an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape are disrupting the traditional Security Operations Center (SOC).  For forward looking organisations, this is the opportunity to transform their Security Operations model from a reactive to a proactive posture, integrating multiple threat detection and response technologies to benefit from automation and keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.

3:50 PMFrom Single-Vendor to Unified SASE

Fortinet Expert View. Dragoslav Joksimovic, Consulting Systems Engineer

Bursting on the scene in 2019, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has forever changed the convergence of networking and security.  However, it has also been accompanied by significant disruption due to the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) generated by vendor claims and counter claims in a new market.  But from the confusion comes the opportunity to return to the core meaning of SASE – converging the WAN (SD-WAN) with security (SSE) for both remote users and locations.

4:15 PMThreat Intelligence and AI – Changing the Role of Man and Machine

Fortinet Expert View. David Lorti, Director, Product Marketing

Effective and efficient threat intelligence is a vital and essential component to minimise the disruption caused by a successful cyber-attack.  But the core value of threat intelligence is sometimes lost in the noise surrounding AI. Threat intelligence must have both a micro and a macro view – focused on “its” local network but with a global perspective – and with a judicious application of AI to take advantage of the opportunity to improve threat detection and response.

4:40 PMWrap-up

Short wrap up.

5:00 PMHappy Hour

Everyone is Welcome.

As a small thank you for attending. Please join us for a drink and canapés in the expo area while you talk with attendees, Fortinet experts and sponsor partners. And enjoy a golf challenge with your peers and rivals!