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Fortinet's 3D Digital Environment

In a period unlike any other, the innovation and flexibility made possible by Cloud makes organizations' Cloud strategies top of mind. Integrating security by design into your Cloud strategy allows you to move at the speed you want. The Fortinet Cloud Security 360 Summit focuses on how integrating security empowers the opportunities of Cloud, enhancing agility, breaking down silos, and enabling information to flow. Securely.

Questions around what the future holds for Cloud and how the evolution of security by design enables greater innovation in the cloud will be discussed in a LIVE digital environment on Day 1. A mixture of debates, keynotes and panel discussions will reveal the challenges industry executives have faced and overcome this year, and what they believe the future holds.

Sessions on Beyond Built-In-Security, Securing SaaS and Enabling a Cloud Culture will be streamed live on Days 2&3 and in addition to this, major cloud platform providers will talk about integrating security as part of the cloud development experience on Day 3.

And it doesn’t stop there! Watch this space for details on the 3D exhibition environment where you will be able to network with industry specialists at the Fortinet booth.

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