Fast & Secure is Fortinet’s annual flagship event for service providers. The objective of this 16th edition is to help them remain relevant in a highly competitive market as they must constantly transform and innovate. Providing advanced cybersecurity services that go beyond existing capabilities, services, and business models are crucial to future success.

Fortinet’s cybersecurity solutions empower service providers to create greater value for customers, strengthen trusted relations, set benchmark and competitive barriers, and drive success and growth. Offering more than a collection of traditional services and shifting toward outcome-based services through an efficient and cost-effective portfolio will be a key differentiator for service providers to secure their future.

Why attend?


Get an overview of the cybersecurity threats, trends and challenges that impact service providers and clients, today and in the future.


Expand your knowledge and capabilities to develop services that continuously differentiate and provide the business outcomes customers are demanding - SD-WAN, SASE, MDR and OT Security.


Meet Fortinet executives and subject matter experts, technology partners, and your peers in an open environment, sharing insights on capabilities and services needed to support growth and provide value.

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Agenda at a glance

Start Time Name Description Speakers
12:00 PMLunch & Technology Exchange 
2:00 PMWelcome and Opening 
2:25 PMThe State of Cybercrime : Uncovering the Evolving Threat Landscape

If there was anything that could be considered a “sure bet”, it’s that the threat landscape will continue to evolve as the threat actors themselves evolve, and learn from both successful, and unsuccessful, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP).  One of the key lessons learned is that there is more than one way to reach a target.

This session will provide an overview of the state of threat landscape and will zoom in to a specific aspect of it – how threat actors are targeting service providers to gain access to their clients.

2:55 PMTrends and Strategies for Future-Proof Cybersecurity Services

Considering the nature and size of the threat landscape, service providers are faced with the challenge of delivering services that are effective and as innovative as the threats that they are designed to counter.

In this session, IDC analyst, Mark Child, will share market insights and trends to help service providers create a comprehensive cybersecurity strategic plan that outlines their future security capabilities and services. He will cover current and emerging trends, including zero trust, network security with SD-WAN and SASE, digital sovereignty, GRC – Governance, Risk & Compliance, access control, incident response, and cyber-resilience.

3:25 PMAddressing Service Provider’s Challenges by Embedding Cybersecurity Everywhere

To practice what you preach” is an old expression but very relevant to service providers who want to provide cutting edge services to their customers while at the same time securing their own networks.

In this session, we will explore Fortinet’s response to cybersecurity challenges and its role as a valuable partner for the service providers to enable them to develop and implement their cybersecurity strategy through different journeys, combining an agile platform approach, a solid cybersecurity expertise, and a wide portfolio of solutions and services.

3:55 PMDigital Transformation and Cybersecurity – Mutually Exclusive or Indispensable?

This moderated discussion will explore how each of these organizations have dealt with  cybersecurity challenges and responded to their customers’ needs.

4:35 PMCoffee Break & Technology Exchange 
5:00 PMTaking Advantage of Convergence to Drive SD-WAN and SASE Adoption with a Single-Vendor Platform

The need for robust cybersecurity capabilities and services has become increasingly important for service providers to leverage growth opportunities from customers’ digital transformation. A holistic approach and technology excellence that aligns security services to innovative data connectivity can help service providers focus on convergence opportunities to simplify implementations and achieve operational efficiency.

Join this session to learn how service providers can play a key role in SASE adoption, providing SD-WAN and security as a service to deliver value and strong outcomes.

5:20 PMVoice of the Customer: Unveiling the journey from SD-WAN to SASE

Service providers play a key role in SASE adoption since they can leverage their networking capabilities to provide integrated network and security services to enterprises.

Join this session to learn how Orange Business supports customers in securing their networks, users and devices, leveraging Fortinet SASE technology everywhere.

5:40 PMCritical Considerations to Make the Cloud Journey Secure and Successful

For the service provider as an enterprise, cloud is central to its own digital transformation journey.  And like with any enterprise, the role that security plays in this journey is paramount. But cloud, and securing the cloud, also represents new revenue opportunities.

This session will look at both aspects of cloud and cloud security and how the experience gained as an enterprise user of cloud benefits the service provider offering cloud services including security for and from the cloud.

6:00 PMVoice of the Customer: Successful and Secure Journey from Data Center to Cloud

Harnessing the opportunity for service providers to combine cloud native technologies with Fortinet technology to build secure and scalable capabilities and services everywhere.

This session will allow Fortinet’s partner,Braintower, to present how they leveraged Fortinet cloud security solutions in Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud public clouds.

6:25 PMCybersecurity opportunities in 5G environments

5G capabilities and services were thought of and are being implemented with Enterprises requirements and  use cases in mind.

This session will explore some of the cybersecurity opportunities that are opening to service providers and system integrators in 5G-enabled environments.

6:45 PMWrap up and End of Plenary Day 1 
7:00 PMCocktail dinatoire at the Melia Castilla Hotel

Join us for the opening reception for Fast and Secure 2023

Start Time Name Description Speakers
9:00 AMWelcome 
9:10 AMThe Future Of Cybersecurity - From A Friendly Hacker’s Perspective

Cybersecurity is no longer about protecting secrets. It is about our way of life that relies on digital technology, everywhere:  from clouds to smartphones, from medical facilities to stock markets and everything in between – and it matters to all of us. In the past 2 years, threat actors have innovated faster than ever before, even using “growth hacking” tricks to increase the impact of their criminal enterprises. How can we prepare for what comes next? By learning from hackers!

Keren Elazari, Security researcher, TED Speaker and Friendly hacker, joins us for a conversation on emerging security threats, attack techniques and innovation lessons we can learn from hackers.

9:40 AMBuilding SOC Services to Counter the Advanced AI-Assisted Adversary

Addressing the cybersecurity threats that increasingly adopt artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools and technologies requires building a modern security operations center (SOC) to deliver reactive, proactive and threat hunting services. The open question is what more can be done to decrease the average time to detect and respond to threats more quickly.

During this session, the most common use cases and services are explained to help understand the technologies and capabilities involved in modern SOCs, improving detection and response efficiency and delivering service providers from digital overload.

10:00 AMVoice of the Customer: Hitting the Mark with Next Generation SOC Services

Relentless growth in the volume, velocity, and sophistication of threats is compounding security operations. Join this session to learn how Norm has evolved its SOC offering to continuously deliver value and keep up with a good quality of service leveraging Fortinet solutions.

10:20 AMFortinet Services to Secure Your Future and Support Your Success

Success has a different definition depending on the outcome any business is trying to achieve.  Fortinet services, built around lifecycle and with a focus from solution development to incident response, are on a pathway to deliver flexibility and value.

This session will explore how Fortinet services enable service providers to realize the outcome whatever the objective

10:40 AMCoffee Break and Technology Exchange 
11:20 AMDemystifying the OT Journey to Develop Cybersecurity Capabilities and Services

Although the technologies are largely the same, securing OT environments means considerations not found in IT.

This session will explore the opportunity for a service provider to expand its  cybersecurity expertise to deploy a suite of tools and techniques to secure the OT environment.

11:40 AMBuilding Resilient Cybersecurity Strategies with NIS2: Navigating the Advancements, Implications, Challenges, and Opportunities

The second iteration of the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2) is set to introduce new requirements and strengthen the cybersecurity posture of European Union member states, digital service providers, and operators of essential services. As cybersecurity threats continue to evolve, building resilient cybersecurity strategies that can withstand and recover from cyber incidents has become a top priority for organizations.

During this session, we will explore the advancements and implications of NIS2, the challenges and opportunities that it presents, how it can be leveraged to build more resilient cybersecurity strategies, and how Fortinet is accelerating the resilience landscape.

12:00 PMFortinet Experts Q&A Panel

During this session, Fortinet experts and leaders will answer questions of the audience and provide key take-aways.

12:30 PMClosing Day 2 General Session 
12:30 PMLunch & Technology Exchange 

General Sessions

Thematic Breakout Sessions

Thursday 8 June

2:00 PMOpening – Shaping The Future of Managed Services  Mehdi Halit
2:15 PMBuilding Strong Foundations for Managed Service Success

Many MSSPs offer only firewall-based security services to generate the bulk of managed security service revenue.

In this session we will cover the MSSP partner journey and how adding depth to your Managed NGFW offering can provide a foundation for future success.

Greg Gyves, Fortinet
Jeroen van Pelt, Veldwerk
2:45 PMAdding value to SD-WAN offers with security services.

Secure SD-WAN provides service providers native networking and security convergence.

This session will address how Fortinet enables service providers to expand their networking and SD-WAN offers through security services to deliver value and strong business outcomes.

Anne-Gaëlle Santos, Fortinet
Kostas Rigas, BT Business
3:15 PMKey considerations to evolve and expand from SD-WAN to SASE

Service providers are at a crossroads, wondering whether they should build their own SASE or rely on vendors to enhance their capabilities.

This session will explore how service providers can leverage Fortinet’s solutions and capabilities to take the journey to SASE via a single vendor platform offering converged networking and security services.

Brice Pinsart, Fortinet
Juan Campillo Alonso, Telefonica
3:45 PMCoffee Break  
4:15 PMProtecting All Devices with Managed EDR Services

Endpoints are often the primary targets of a wide range of constantly evolving attacks as they provide access to critical data, networks, and applications.

Join this conversation with InfoSecPartners to understand how to find threats faster and protect your customers’ devices with Managed EDR service.

Guillaume Schlienger, Fortinet
Mark Oakton, Infosec Partners
4:45 PMLeveraging SOC Services to Keep Customers Ahead of Cyber Threats

As today’s threat landscape continues to expand, SOC services become critical to drive threat detection and incident response.

In this session, we’ll explore how you can build and/or augment SOC services to get faster and efficient detection and response services. You will also hear from our partner that built a SOC and is providing successful SOC services.

Eelco Duijker, Fortinet
Angelos Beis, ADACOM S.A
5:15 PMBuilding Efficient Services with Flexible Consumption Programs

MSSPs are constantly struggling to select the right sizing for hardware devices, virtual machines, and security services to build their services. They need to respond to evolving customer demands for flexible and agile services.

In this session, we’ll explore the FortiFlex program (formerly Flex-VM) that enables MSSPs to eliminate sizing issues and overspending, and benefit from a predictable OpEx model to support agile multi-cloud deployments.

Amit Joshi, Fortinet
Sdnei Avelar, Fortinet
5:45 PMClosing  
7:00 PMClosing Dinner

Join us for a fiesta-style evening of entertainment and dinner at the Palacio del Negralejo 

Coaches will depart Melia Castilla at 19:00.  Palacio del Negralejo is approximately 25 minutes from the hotel

At the venue:
Guests will be greeted with a welcome drink and guided through to The Pergola for dinner and fun filled activities throughout the evening

2:00 PMOpening – 5G Security Ronen Shpirer, Fortinet
2:15 PMSecurity considerations in private 5G and MEC environments

Private 5G adoption is accelerating. MNOs are in different stages of building and delivering their private 5G solutions, and 5G multiaccess Edge Compute (MEC) is a key component in enabling 5G use cases. 

This session will expire the private 5G architectures, MEC environments and the resulting security considerations and solutions that must be applied. 

Tom Walker, Fortinet
2:45 PMSecurely exploit your Radio Access Network (RAN)

RAN is the most evolving and costly part of an MNO network. Securely exploiting it and generating ROI is of up most importance.

This session will discuss RAN trends and monetization, and their related cybersecurity considerations and solutions.

Eduardo Nuno Ramos, Fortinet
3:15 PMCompliancy and the need for cybersecurity

5G will become more critical than ever, serving as the underlying network and services for enterprises and consumers. As such it must meet a growing array of regulations and compliance requirements.

This session will explore the service provider and their enterprise customers’ regulations and how cybersecurity can help achieve compliancy.

Luis Silva, Fortinet
3:45 PMCoffee Break  
4:15 PMThe Growing Need for API security

APIs are at the core of the 5G system: from future RAN technologies, through core exposure, and into the 5G MEC. It is also a great monetization opportunity for mobile operators.

This session will explore the importance of APIs in the 5G ecosystem, and the cybersecurity measures required to protect them.

Thorsten Jaeger, Fortinet
4:45 PMThe Need for Security Operations and Automation

5G capabilities and services must be protected. As 5G relies on automation and orchestration to deliver its current and future capabilities and use case, so must be the cybersecurity infrastructure in place.

This session will explore Fortinet’s SOC solutions and capabilities to optimize cybersecurity automation and orchestration

Tom Walker, Fortinet
5:15 PMLooking Forward

This session will provide a glimpse into Fortinet’s roadmap for service providers’ products and solutions.

Pablo Molinero, Fortinet
5:45 PMClosing  
7:00 PMClosing Dinner

Join us for a fiesta-style evening of entertainment and dinner at the Palacio del Negralejo 

Coaches will depart Melia Castilla at 19:00.  Palacio del Negralejo is approximately 25 minutes from the hotel

At the venue:
Guests will be greeted with a welcome drink and guided through to The Pergola for dinner and fun filled activities throughout the evening


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Technology Partners

Conference Package

What’s included:

- 2 night’s accommodation (7 & 8 June)

- Breakfast at the hotel (8 & 9 June)

- Lunches on both days

- Opening reception (7 June)

- Closing dinner (8 June)

- Attendance to the business sessions

- Wi-Fi in all accommodation & conference areas

Delegate Fee:
+10% local Spanish VAT


For further information on the package, see the FAQ section below

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The 16th edition of Fast & Secure will be held at the Melia Castilla Hotel, Madrid and is an in-person summit only.  All accommodation will be at the Melia Castilla Hotel and is covered by the delegate fee as detailed in the conference package section above

Yes, but please note that an additional charge of 175EUR will be due to include an additional night accommodation and breakfast

Within the delegate fee, 2 nights accommodation, meals throughout the event and attendance at the business sessions are included (full details in the conference package section). Please see below for important information on what's not included:

1.    Attendees are responsible for their own airfare and travel arrangements to and from Madrid, all non-conference related activities and hotel incidental costs
2.    No airport transfers are provided
3.    Fortinet products
4.    Credit card fees are not included
5.    GUESTS (family members/spouse/partner): Fast & Secure is a business event and as such, guests (family members, spouse, partners or friends) are not allowed to join delegates. It is against the FCPA compliance that guests would benefit in any way from the Fortinet subsidized accommodation. Therefore, delegate's guests will not be accepted for the duration of the event.

Payment will be processed via credit card during the registration process. 

Please note:

- Only paid, registered delegates can attend Fast & Secure.  All registration fees must be paid on registration

- The participation fee of this event shall be paid in accordance with the applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations; with the FCPA regulation. In addition, shall the participation fee of this event not be paid directly by the participant (legal entity), the participant is solely responsible to ensure that: i) the participant (legal entity) is not a government entity or an affiliate of a government entity and ii) the payment of the participation fee by a third party is in line with the participant internal policies

No refund of the delegate fee will be provided upon cancellation unless Fortinet can resell the seat to another delegate. In case of cancellation the refund will not include credit card fees. 

If you cannot attend due to your visa being refused, please provide proof from the embassy to

Arrival and Departure Airport

Please book your flight to arrive in Madrid Barajas International Airport, Spain. Click here for airport information.

Transportation from/to the airports and the hotel where you will be lodged is not provided so delegates will have to make their own arrangement to arrive to their hotel. Taxis charge a fixed 30 Euro fee from the airport to Madrid center.


Spain Travel Health

In order to enter Spain, all passengers, regardless of the country of origin (except children under the age of 12 and passengers in international transit), must show one of these documents:

1.    An EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE OR EU EQUIVALENT of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative certificate of an active infection diagnostic test or a recovery certificate after having this disease.

2.    SpTH QR. If you do not have the EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent, you must complete the SpTH Health Control Form, manually entering the details of your vaccination, recovery, or diagnostic test certificate.

The vaccination certificate with complete schedule for children under 18 has no expiry date.

Please read carefully and complete online form.



To find out if you need a visa, please contact the Embassy of Spain of your country.

EU citizens do not need a visa to enter Spain.

Should you need an invitation letter to facilitate your Visa request don’t forget to complete this request during your registration online.

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