The Fortinet Healthcare Customer Advisory Board began in 2016 and has been instrumental in providing direct feedback from leading healthcare IT professionals to Fortinet Executives and Technologists to help shape Fortinet’s priorities, strategy, and approach to top cybersecurity challenges. The board shares valuable information regarding market dynamics, technology needs, and industry insights for collective long-term performance and growth.
Members are asked to commit to 2 years participation at a minimum but membership is maintained at the company’s discretion. Open & honest communication, input and feedback is desired. Confidentiality is important and registration for the meeting includes an agreement to maintain confidentiality of all information shared. Helping each other and learning from each other is the main goal, so we ask that members ask questions, share ideas and opinions, and ENGAGE!
The Fortinet Healthcare Customer Advisory Board will bring together a select group of healthcare technology and security leaders, including members of Fortinet’s Executive Leadership Team. The purpose is to help Fortinet set strategic priorities and define objectives and opportunities relating to cybersecurity in the healthcare Industry. We look forward to open communication, information sharing and real-world feedback on cybersecurity market challenges, primary healthcare use cases, and product enhancement opportunities.
The Advisory Board’s scope will address the core industry use cases, vertical alliance development possibilities, healthcare industry marketing strategy, and technology opportunities, for all of Fortinet’s solutions.
  • The opportunity to interact with and influence Fortinet’s Executive team
  • Advanced knowledge of Fortinet’s technology plans and product development
  • Networking opportunities with other Advisory Board members
  • Advisory Board members may be contacted by phone or email to solicit feedback on industry issues, or to offer input on company strategy
  • Members may be asked to participate in product beta programs if applicable
  • As a recognized healthcare cybersecurity practitioner, members may be requested to speak to industry journalists, associations, or forums (not necessarily as a Fortinet endorsement)