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Fortinet SEAHK Customer advisory board

Protecting the New Edges

No business can run without networking, and cybersecurity is essential for protecting the business. You have put your trust in Fortinet to provide you with superior networking security. For that reason, you are one of our most valued and valuable customers. Valued because we appreciate your business. Valuable because you can help us make Fortinet a better partner for you and other organizations around the world.  

This event is our way of giving you information you need for your business planning going forward. Our top executives will let you know how Fortinet sees the networking and cybersecurity markets moving, what we are doing today, and in which directions we are going tomorrow. However, we have designed this event for two-way communication.  We want you to talk to us, and that is why we are limiting it to around twelve participants. This lets you and our executives exchange views of what is needed to meet the connectivity challenges of tomorrow and confront our common adversaries today: the hackers, bad actors, and spies who threaten us all. Tell us what you need to beat back these attackers.

      What's in It For You?

  • A vision of the cybersecurity future from top executives of the leader in the field. 

  • Access to Fortinet executives sharing insight into plans for the company, products, and solutions.  

  • The ability to provide input, express needs and interests for roadmap and future consideration of products/solutions.  

  • Share with peers and leaders in IT - learn from others that share your challenges and goals.