Fortinet is kickstarting a Demonstration Day series for the SEAHK region, and you are formally invited. In the first session on 5 August 2021, we discuss the solution to the most pressing security issues facing businesses: the Zero-Trust Access strategy.   


Let Fortinet walk you through our highly effective ZTA framework. We will also demonstrate use cases of our unique Fortinet Identity Access Management (IAM) and Intent-based segmentation solutions, evolution of ZTNA that add additional security and convenience for your users and devices


Attend the webinar to stand a chance to win Lucky Draw prizes!.  



Thursday, 5 Aug 2021


Kelvin Chua
Kelvin Chua
Regional Director, System Engineering, Southeast Asia
Daniel Hwang
Mr Daniel Hwang
Regional Cybersecurity Specialist
Seng Yeap Lee
Mr Seng Yeap Lee
Regional SE