Fortinet is kickstarting a Demonstration Day series for the SEAHK region, and you are formally invited. In the first session on 5 August 2021, we discuss the solution to the most pressing security issues facing businesses: the Zero-Trust Access strategy.   


Let Fortinet walk you through our highly effective ZTA framework. We will also demonstrate use cases of our unique Fortinet Identity Access Management (IAM) and Intent-based segmentation solutions, evolution of ZTNA that add additional security and convenience for your users and devices


Attend the webinar to stand a chance to win Lucky Draw prizes!.  



Thursday, 5 Aug 2021


Kelvin Chua
Kelvin Chua
Regional Director, System Engineering, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong
Daniel Hwang
Mr Daniel Hwang
Regional Cybersecurity Specialist
Seng Yeap Lee
Mr Seng Yeap Lee
Regional SE