Bradfield College is a British co-educational independent school. It operates both on a day school and boarding school basis, catering to approximately 770 students from Britain and overseas.The school’s ethos is to encourage independent learning as well as intellectual curiosity, and it views technology as just one tool in achieving this. Its attitudes towards technology are relaxed, with its staff always eager to try new tools to see what fits. It’s this willingness to experiment and openness to change that now sees the school equipped with a future-ready wireless network.For teenagers, easy access to Wi-Fi is as precious as oxygen, or so they like to proclaim. But the staff at Bradfield College understand this mentality. They recognise that students need readily available internet access, not just as a part of their education in the classroom, but for entertainment and communication purposes too. Laptops, smartphones and tablets had replaced textbooks, exercise books and the television – and so the school had to accommodate this

The Thomas’s London Day Schools group comprises of four co-educational preparatory schools and a kindergarten. With a focus on independent learning and self-discovery, the schools encourage pupils to research and read into subjects that interest them. This complements a broader school curriculum, which is characterised by high academic standards and multi-million pound learning facilities. Today, the group offers education to over 1,950 pupils between 2.5 and 13 years old.

Derby College Group is one of the largest colleges in the United Kingdom, catering to thousands of students in supporting them towards their career goals. The college is continuously innovating and extending its course list to help offer a variety of classes for school leavers and adult learners.

Derby College Group needed to provide an anytime, anywhere service for students on campus or for those working remotely. As more students and staff accessed the services from different locations, Derby College’s IT infrastructure reached a breaking point. Fortinet’s solution provided port of entry for its internet connection, allowing them to use Web Filtering, ISP, and Application Control.

Learn how Derby College Group ensured their students and staff protection through their infrastructure to keep delivering important services in this case study.


The University of Cambridge is one of the world’s oldest universities, with a strong reputation for outstanding academic achievement and world-class research. It has over 11,000 undergraduates and 5,500 postgraduate students across its 31 autonomous colleges.