​Digital acceleration has led organizations to drive toward delivering faster and better application experiences via cloud-based services and infrastructures, however it has also created complexity for IT and cybersecurity teams, leading to gaps in protection. Fortinet Cloud Security empowers organizations to achieve digital acceleration by securing every application journey on any cloud. 

Join in this demo series about the importance of building a cloud security strategy and get more details into:

  • Cloud environment protection - focusing FortiGate capabilities to optimize and speed up cloud adoption journey, gain traffic visibility and control across cloud environment, simplify management and control with best practice architectures and provide unified threat protection services across different segments of your cloud environment.

  • Proactively Manage Cloud Risk - with FortiCNP correlate security findings from across cloud footprint and produce context-rich, actionable insights to prioritize the remediation and mitigation of risks with the highest potential impact on cloud workload security helping streamline security operations.

  • Safeguard business critical web applications - As more mission critical applications and processes are managed through Web Applications and APIs, traditional Web Application Firewalls are difficult to manage and don't provide complete protection. FortiWeb addresses the shortfall by using multiple layers of security orchestrated by machine learning to relieve operational security teams of constant tuning and responding to false positives.



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