12-14 June 2024, Hilton Hotel, Prague

About Fast & Secure 2024


To provide enterprise-grade services in today’s digital environment, Service Providers face formidable challenges navigating the intricacies of regulatory compliance, resilience and cybersecurity, while continuing to expand their offerings and respond to rapid changes in the market.


The key to success is to embrace innovative strategies and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and a consolidated platform approach. These game-changing elements are key to achieving superior outcomes, driving tangible improvements in efficiency, profitability, customer satisfaction, and market share growth across a diverse clientele.


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This year's edition will focus on the way these innovative strategies and technologies empower Service Providers to not only keep pace but leap forward in building a robust portfolio of cybersecurity offerings.


Don't delay - Join us from 12-14 June 2024 in Prague and be part of the revolution in redefining the future of Cybersecurity, where flexibility meets efficiency, all orchestrated through the strategic integration of AI and automation.


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Why Attend Fast & Secure 2024?

...how to provide better and more efficient services and accelerate the time to market with flexible AI-powered cybersecurity services


…the demand-side barriers to growth in a fiercely competitive market! Lead the charge and enhance your cybersecurity capabilities to create value.


…on a journey with Fortinet and connect with visionaries experts, and peers who will share invaluable insights into implementing practices, strategies, and technologies that elevates service provider businesses.


Fast & Secure 2023 Snapshot



9:30 - 12:00

Roundtable 1 [Meeting room Berlin 1]: Network and Cybersecurity Monetization – Opportunities and Challenges 

Significant service providers investments have not yet delivered their expected returns. Service providers networks, capabilities, and data hold an immense potential for monetization in helping deliver the anticipated return on investment.  
This roundtable will touch upon the different network and cybersecurity monetization options, their operation and cybersecurity challenges, and lessons learned from the field to support successful and sustainable monetization initiatives.

Nishant Mittal
Director Global Alliance

Roundtable 2 [Meeting room Berlin 2]: Achieving Cyber Resilience: Service Provider Strategies in the CaaS and Generative AI Era


Cyber resilience is an ongoing process that involves a combination of technology, policies, procedures, and a proactive security mindset across the organization.

Connect with cybersecurity experts from Service Providers for a lively roundtable discussion. Discover practical strategies in the face of rising Cybercrime-as-a-Service (CaaS) and generative AI. Join conversations, exchange insights, and build connections to strengthen cyber resilience.

Guillaume Schlienger
Security Operations Business Development Manager

Roundtable 3 [Meeting room Berlin 3]: Securing Tomorrow: Navigating the Present and Future of Managed Firewall.

An intimate roundtable which delves into the status quo on managed firewall, a cornerstone in managed security, exploring its current impact and future trends through peer-driven, strategic discussions.

Mauro Rizzi
MSSP Business Development Manager

Roundtable 4 [Meeting room Berlin 4]: SASE, SSE, Security Networking, SDWAN – Which Proposition for Which Market?  

A Secure Access Services Edge (SASE) architecture converges networking and security, but how as an MSSP do I bring value to my end customer and drive revenue? This roundtable will discuss the different options for the service provider to start the journey to SASE and differentiate in a fierce market? Lessons learnt and exchange of experience.

Anne gaelle Santos

14:00 - 14:10

                                   Fast & Secure 2024 Master of Ceremonies

Patrick Grillo
Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing

14:10 - 14:30

To be successful, Service Providers must navigate a complex landscape of technological shifts, regulations, and evolving customer demands. At the same time, the expanding threat landscape presents both a challenge – to themselves and their customers - and an opportunity to introduce new products and services.

This session will focus on how Fortinet is equipping service providers with the tools to navigate the joint terrains of technology and cybersecurity and to lead the charge towards a more resilient, secure, and profitable future.

Lizzie Cohen
Sales VP

14:30 - 15:00

Like the organizations they target, threat actors are becoming increasingly sophisticated, leveraging advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), embracing innovative service delivery models, and looking beyond the confines of the organization’s network to bypass traditional security measures. These changes are forcing service providers to adapt their traditional security strategies and invest in more robust cybersecurity measures to effectively mitigate risks, both for themselves and their customers.

This session will deliver a comprehensive exploration of the ever-evolving threat landscape, delving deeply into a critical aspect: the relentless targeting of service providers by threat actors as a back door into the enterprise.

Jonas Walker
Director Threat Intelligence

15:00 - 15:30

Service Providers are striving to deliver state-of-the-art cybersecurity services to their customers while strengthening their own networks against todays and tomorrow’s cyber threats.

This session will look at what Fortinet is doing to position itself as a strong ally for service providers, helping them to develop and execute robust cybersecurity strategies to safeguard their operations and drive innovation with confidence through a range of flexible and AI-powered services.

Ronen Shpirer
Director, Telco Solutions Marketing
Gregory Gyves
Offer Development Lead, MSSP - EMEA

16:15 - 16:35

In the age of Digital Transformation, service providers must prioritize the comprehensive development of robust cybersecurity services to capitalize on growth opportunities.  One key area is the convergence of security services with innovative networking for both users and locations.

Join this session to discover how service providers can drive SASE adoption, delivering SD-WAN and security as a service for enhanced value and impactful outcomes.

Filippo Cassini Cassini
Global Technical Officer, SVP of Engineering, Head of Pre-sales

16:35 - 17:55

Tackling the ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, now empowered by AI-driven tools, demands the establishment of cutting-edge security operations, capable of offering reactive and proactive services and expediting threat detection and response times.

In this session, we will discover strategies to enhance detection and response efficiency, delivering service providers from digital overload.

Mehdi Halit
Sr. Manager Solutions Marketing

16:55 - 17:15

Service Providers are constantly struggling sizing for the hardware platforms, virtual machines, and services from which to build their services while responding to evolving customer demands for flexibility and agility.

In this session, uncover the transformative power of flexible programs, liberating service providers from sizing constraints and unnecessary spending. Discover how adopting a predictable model empowers agile deployments, revolutionizing the landscape of service provisioning.

Amit Joshi
Sr. Business Development Manager EMEA MSSP

                                          Breakout Sessions Description

SASE and Cloud Security

Congress Hall 2

Cybersecurity Operations

Congress Hall 1

Telco Cybersecurity

Congress Hall 3

OT Cybersecurity 

Bohemia 2&3

9:00 - 12:00

The move to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and cloud-managed security services is happening now. These technologies boost flexibility, optimize investments, and enhance business agility. This track explores how service providers can thrive in their transition to SASE and cloud security.


Patrick Grillo
Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing

Security operations are vital for faster detecting and containing security incidents. Service providers should start now to transition to automated and proactive security operations to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of the services they provide to customers. This track discusses the significant influence of emerging technologies like AI and automation on security operations.


Mehdi Halit
Sr. Manager Solutions Marketing

Until now, cybersecurity has been an investment framed in terms of mitigating risks. At a time when Telcos are looking to trim costs, drive growth and improve RoI, cybersecurity should also be viewed as a business enabler and a multiplier for establishing trust and service consumption. This track will touch upon cybersecurity’s three Telco umbrella use cases: protection, monetization, and compliance support.


Ronen Shpirer
Director, Telco Solutions Marketing

OT cyber-physical systems are converging with industrial IT & Cloud, as well as Industrial Wireless including industrial 5G and Mobile Private Networks. This track is about the transformative journey to fortify your OT asset owner clients' cybersecurity posture in the evolving landscape and the intricacies of OT cyber-physical systems security, uncovering the latest trends, challenges, and pioneering use cases. Join us to navigate the future of cybersecurity with confidence and innovation.​


Antoine D'haussy
OT Security Practice Head EMEA
Daniele Mancini

First Session

9:00 - 9:30

Convergence and consolidation concepts are bringing real advantages for Service Providers and benefits for the end customer.
This session will explore how to build a differentiated and coherent service portfolio by leveraging Fortinet strengths, and why consolidation and convergence is being used by our partners to create their portfolio.


Catherine De Saedeleer
Head of Fixed Connectivity Solutions & Smart Networks
Kristof Spriet
Product Owner
Juan Campillo Alonso
Cybersecurity Product Marketing Director
Telefonica Tech

In cybersecurity, comprehensive detection across the entire attack surface and proactive measures are imperative.
This session will highlight essential technologies for service providers to excel in this transformation, facilitating swift detection and proactive defense, rather than reactive responses to attacks.


Kash Valji
Senior Director Consulting Systems Engineering

With the evolution of Telcos, technologies and initiatives evolve, with a clear impact of associated risk and cybersecurity considerations.
This session will highlight some of the major trends and initiatives taken by Telcos, their impact on their security posture, and the appropriate Fortinet’s solutions.  


Tom Walker
Director, Consulting Systems Engineering - Telco & 5G

The resilience and proactive defense are of much importance in an era where OT security is not just about information protection but ensuring the safe and reliable operation of critical infrastructure. ​

This session will delve into the evolving threat landscape facing operational technology (OT) environments and the unique challenges asset owners confront in safeguarding cyber-physical systems. ​

Antoine D'haussy
OT Security Practice Head EMEA
Daniele Mancini

Second Session

9:30 - 10:00

How can service providers use Fortinet Security Fabric as a key differentiator during the Go to Market Strategy? In this session, we will delve into the MSSP journey toward high value managed services, focusing on service launch , customer engagement and market entry, and how networking and security convergence can support our partner in more upsell and cross sell activity.



Gregory Soileux
Business Dev.
Raul Esteban
Product Manager
Deutsche Telekom GBS Iberia
Richard Beeston
Digital Space Group

Early detection and isolation of sophisticated human and automated attacks by deceiving attackers into revealing themselves is an efficient tactics for proactive defense.
Explore in this session how deception technology elevates managed services' defenses, fostering proactive security, and gain invaluable insights from a service provider's standpoint. 

Raúl Barragán
Principal Consultant System Engineer

What is the role cybersecurity plays in some of the Telco main monetization initiatives? How can cybersecurity drive service consumption and monetization?
This session will explore Fortinet’s monetization potential and solutions with examples from the field.


Eduardo Nuno Ramos
Telco Sales Expert BDM EMEA

As industrial applications increasingly migrate to the cloud, securing access becomes paramount. Unified Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions offer a comprehensive approach to safeguarding this transition.  ​

This session will explore how converged network and security services ensure seamless and secure access and provide robust protection against evolving threats, while enabling efficient cloud adoption for industrial applications.

Antoine D'haussy
OT Security Practice Head EMEA
Daniele Mancini

Third Session

10:45 - 11:15

Discover the MSSP Offer Development Framework, your strategic blueprint to accelerate service creation and stand out in the competitive landscape. This session will guide you through the essentials of productization, equipping you with the tools to effectively present your services to customers and highlight their unique value.

Gregory Gyves
Offer Development Lead, MSSP - EMEA

Detection marks the beginning, but validation and containment are critical to mitigate risk. A thorough investigation and remediation process are imperative for restoring safe operations.
This session will delve into vital technologies enabling service providers to respond promptly, leveraging central orchestration or automated investigation and remediation.


Dusan Tomic
Principal Consulting Systems Engineer

Regulatory pressure is on the rise for Telcos and their enterprise customers. Regardless of the specific regulation, cybersecurity has a common role to play throughout.
This session will outline the cybersecurity mechanisms provided by Fortinet to service providers to support their and their customers compliance efforts.


Pablo Molinero
Sr. Director, Product Management for Telco vertical

For service providers aiming to master security operations for OT asset owners, the focus is on developing a robust understanding of the unique challenges within the operational technology landscape.  ​

This session will explore how service providers can offer comprehensive protection against the evolving threat landscape, ensuring resilience and continuity for their clients' operations, through the implementation of specialized security measures such as real-time monitoring, threat detection, and incident response tailored to the critical nature of OT environments.

Antoine D'haussy
OT Security Practice Head EMEA
Daniele Mancini

Fourth Session

11:15 - 11:45

Developing innovative services with various licensing options is crucial for MSSPs. Whether it's managed firewall solutions or advanced offerings, they can leverage Fortinet flexible programs to boost efficiency and foster stronger client connections.
This session aims to explore, with a selected partner, examples of services that MSSPs can build using the Fortinet flexible program, FortiFlex.


Mauro Rizzi
MSSP Business Development Manager
Tom Major
SVP, Product Management

The rising complexity of security operations, coupled with rapidly evolving cyberthreats, has led to the emergence of integrated AI-driven solutions and services. While technology is undoubtedly essential, the human factor remains crucial.
In this moderated round table discussion, participants from Fortinet and service providers will examine strategies for enhancing the security analyst experience. The focus will be on optimizing security operations efficiency and bolstering detection and response effectiveness. Key areas of exploration include the consolidation of security tools, seamless automation, and the multifaceted application of AI.

Hector Agustin Cozzetti
Senior Security Consultant
Frederique Tenthoff
Business Development Manager
Ferenc Vaspöri
Head of the IT security business unit
Invitech ICT Services Kft
Juan Campillo Alonso
Cybersecurity Product Marketing Director
Telefonica Tech

Security automation and operations are intertwined and key to Telcos in their ability to deal with growing complexity, skill shortage, and a sophisticated threat landscape.
This session will focus on Fortinet’s AI-driven SecOps tools to drive security operations efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness in Telco environments.


Guillaume Schlienger
Security Operations Business Development Manager

Fortinet Engage Preferred Services Partner (EPSP) program fosters collaboration, offering advanced tools, expert guidance, and exclusive resources to empower service providers enhance security posture, streamline service delivery, and drive customer success. ​Join us for an enlightening session on how to elevate operational technology (OT) security services.to new heights with Fortinet.

Emmanuel Miranda
OT EMEA Services Director

12:00 - 13:30

14:25 - 14:55

As global disruption accelerates, envisioning the future becomes challenging. With countless emerging technologies and trends. AI and quantum computing stand out from the crowd but identifying and understanding all of them can be overwhelming.

Mathew Griffin, Award Winning Futurist and International Keynote Speaker,  joins us to explore how emerging technologies and trends are impacting and shaping the Service Providers’ world, today and into the future.

Matthew Griffin
Fanatical Futurist

14:55 - 15:15

While AI is often thought of as the ultimate game changer across multiple disciplines, there is doubt about its role in cybersecurity. Will AI revolutionize cybersecurity, or will it be yet another technology that will fall by the wayside by failing to meet inflated expectations?  AI has the potential to boost productivity and increase security efficacy, but the devil is in the details.

Simon Bryden
Consulting Systems Engineer

15:15 - 15:35

Automation plays a crucial role in driving operational efficiency of Service Providers. Optimizing processes, minimizing errors, and accelerating task execution, empowers them to deliver efficient and cost-effective services, while at the same time ensuring compliance and security.

This session will explore Fortinet’s solutions and capabilities to optimize network and cybersecurity operations through automation and orchestration.

Benjamin David
Sr. Director Systems Engineering
Alessandro Bellato
Nethive SpA

16:20 - 16:40

Compliance presents a multifaceted challenge for service providers, requiring them to navigate a complex regulatory landscape - applicable to them and their customers -and implement robust data protection measures to mitigate risks and adapt to technological advancements.

Join us to delve into the challenges, opportunities, and the impact that compliance has on cybersecurity strategies, and how a service provider can respond to cyber resiliency demand with Fortinet solutions.

Ricardo Ferreira
Kevin Prone
Chief Security Architect

16:40 - 17:00

Service Providers face formidable challenges as they embark on the journey of transitioning applications to the cloud or crafting cloud-native solutions. Amidst this evolution, they shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the security and integrity of both their own and their customers' applications, tackling pressing issues like data protection, compliance, and risk management head-on.

Join us to gain invaluable insights on how to navigate the dynamic landscape of cloud migration with confidence and agility. Discover how a pioneering service provider not only surmounted the intricate challenges of cloud adoption but also leveraged this transformation to unlock new revenue streams.


Patrick Grillo
Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing
Eduardo Ruiz Azofra
Sr. Manager Security & Cloud propositions area
Kev Bell
Senior Manager, Managed Security Services

17:00 - 17:30

Developing innovative cybersecurity technologies and techniques are key to a future where cybersecurity is more robust, adaptive, and effective in combating emerging threats.

This session offers a glimpse into Fortinet’s roadmap, enabling service providers to be at the forefront of this transformation. Join us as we unveil groundbreaking products and solutions poised to redefine the cybersecurity landscape.

Ben Wilson
SVP Product Management



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